Lushly Hosts Curated Treasures Flea At Pebble, Bangalore



Lushly Hosts Curated Treasures Flea At Pebble, Bangalore

On the 14th of May, Lushly hosted their Curated Treasures flea at Pebble, Bangalore. It being Mother’s Day was an added bonus that we just loved to celebrate. The flea was in full swing from 11:00am to the late evening.

This time Lushly had about 35+ vendors that participated, showcasing products that included Hemp oils and serums, designer products from Kolkata & Mumbai, baked goods, skincare products and more. Lushly also had included two workshops; pottery and an arts & crafts workshop for kids which really was a lovely addition to the day. It encouraged the attendees to explore their creative side and take a little bit of serenity as the day progressed. Being the hottest day in Bangalore was definitely a challenge faced but as the day progressed the evening encouraged a lot more people to venture into the market hunting for their treasures.

Lushly, managed to snag some furry little customers that were all excited with their own vendors to explore! One of the vendors, Unleash Wellness had products specifically for Cats & Dogs that promote good gut health and hygiene.

Lushly is committed to supporting local business owners and artists by providing them with a platform to showcase their products. The company plans to host more markets in the future with plans for designer pop-ups and curated product exhibitions.

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