Launch Of New Sunglasses At SR Gopal Rao, Bengaluru’s Oldest Luxury Opticians

In Frame: Srishti SreeKrishna and Deepa Rao at the Launch Of New Sunglasses At SR Gopal Rao, Bengaluru's Oldest Luxury Opticians

Photo Courtesy: Himani Bokaria


Summer is here and Bengaluru’s sun is glaring at us. Raise the temperatures higher with the newest collection of sunglasses launched at SR Gopal Rao. Recently, we witnessed the launch of new sunglasses from Prada, Tiffany & Co., Burberry, Gucci, Bvlgari, Miu Miu, Tory Burch, Ray ban and more at the SR Gopal Rao’s outlet at Jayanagar. 

While the event was mainly for the launch of the Summer/Spring 2023 collection, the curators of this event took care of all other essentials during the event to make it one of a kind. From nutritious, healthy food to makeup tips from the Zorain studio, the launch of new sunglasses at SR Gopal Rao was packed with engaging activities that we all loved. 

Here’s a sneak peek of the little easter eggs that surprised us at this event!

  • SR Gopal Rao’s Heritage Walk

This store had hidden little surprises as we walked through the store. Bangalore’s oldest, family-run, luxury optical business has a legacy of over 80 years. The ancestral items that were showcased at the event are tools and instruments of dispensing Optometry that started it all. These ‘preserved treasures’ included a lens polishing tool, a wooden vision chart, and an Axis marker. The most interesting piece of antique was a branding tool that was used to punch the brand name or logo onto the frame of the glasses.


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  • Master Class From Zorain

Ever had any makeup or beauty questions while choosing a sunglass? Wonder no more! Zorain, from the Zorain makeup studio was at the event to answer all your queries. The award winning makeup artist and trainer Zorain Khaleeli talked about how the shape of your face plays an important role in choosing your glasses. She gave tips on how to use minimal makeup during the summer. And boys, don’t you feel left out because she gave tips for you too! Using the right sunscreen for your skin type and doing the right makeup to enhance your look with the sunglasses. She had answers for all!

  • Mari B’s Food Platter

Mari B kitchen is a wellness kitchen that caters to your body’s health and treats your taste buds as well. A vegan buffet of crackers, hummus and refreshing drinks was a perfect addition to the event. The lip-smacking flavors gave an edge to all the experience of all the visitors of the event.

  • Nail Salon

Along with makeup cues and scrumptious food, there also was a treat for your nails. During the launch of new sunglasses at SR Gopal Rao, a nail salon corner was set up by the Nail Techs where we all got a special treatment. Match your nails to the newest sunglasses you purchased! 

  • San-Cha Tea Boutique’s Gifts

Packed in pretty floral packages of San-cha tea boutique were the Wishing Chair’s candles.  ‘Duchess of Blossoms’ was a royal floral scented soy wax candle that smells heavenly and made our day. 

The launch of sunglasses from Prada, Tiffany & Co., Burberry, Gucci, Bvlgari, Miu Miu, Tory Burch, Ray ban at SR Gopal Rao had different activities for each of our five senses. Sunglasses for the eyes, pampering sessions for the nails, organic candles for an aromatic experience, Mari B for tantalizing taste and Zorain for our skin. It truly was an event that kept us all engaged and gave us a beautiful time.

Special thanks to Deepa Rao Acharya and Meghna Manay for the invitation.
Photo Courtesy: Himani Bokaria and Srishti SreeKrishna
Author: Srishti SreeKrishna

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