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IS.U (Pronounced as Is You), a fashion apparel label founded by Rashi Menda. The brand’s spirit is centred around girl bosses – who are always on the go and want to look effortlessly stylish. The ISU brand exists at the intersection of fit, trends and personal style – providing comfort and trendy offering in the mid-segment fashion market.

The brand recently launched a new collection with Radhika Apte. IS.U, a contemporary, millennial brand that empowers women to be themselves, encouraging and supporting body positivity, self-love and acceptance, will be launching a new collection with the powerhouse of talent, Radhika Apte. The collection is made to fit like a glove on the unique Indian body type, providing absolute comfort and confidence. With the aim to be the destination for trendy, body-positive clothing that makes one feel one’s best, IS.U is introducing this inclusive line. This collection was curated keeping in mind all the top trends of 2020 and the styles can be worn by all independent and empowered girl bosses of today.

“When I read about ISU and the message it stands for; I knew this was the brand I wanted to associate myself with. ISU’s ideologies instantly matched with mine. In a world that is obsessed with perfection, it is important that we don’t succumb to the unrealistic standards set by society. We do not realise that it is not about breaking the norm; it is about creating the norm. This project is extremely close to my heart as it stands for self-acceptance, self-love and embracing oneself, wholly.” said Radhika Apte.

ISU sells its exclusive collection on and – Zapyle is an e-commerce platform for women who love fashion, all the options are curated as per user’s preferences, where they only see what they would really like to purchase. It will also be available on top e-commerce platforms such as Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, Limeroad and Ajio.

Here’s what Radhika Apte has to say on her collaboration with IS.U.

  1. What is your personal style and how well does IS.U reflect it?

My personal style is really simple and subtle and I like to wear monotones mostly. I prefer reusing my clothes. I am very particular about the fitting and the clothes I wear should be comfortable. IS.U has designed clothes in a way that is quite comfortable.

  1. What made you collaborate with IS.U? Please give more details on the new collection.

The clothes I wear need to be of a comfortable fit. My idea of comfort fit and prints mine matched really well with IS.U. The fabrics that are sourced and incorporated in the collection are best suited for Indian weather. The brand has experimented with various prints and different colour patterns keeping in mind the latest trends. The collection gives more for a retro vibe that has a lot of polka dots, print on print which I absolutely love and we usually don’t see much of that in the market.

  1. Which are your favourite looks from the collection?

The satin slip dress, blue polka-dotted co-ord set, and dark-coloured floral dress are some of my favourite looks from the collection.

  1. What is your style statement and how close does IS.U come to your dressing style?

My idea of comfort and style matches perfectly and is in sync with IS.U as they have designed outfits that suit and effortlessly fit on the unique Indian body type. They are an inclusive brand and are very particular about the fit which is why their clothes fit you like a glove. I also love the prints and colours they have used to curate this collection.

  1. How is IS.U different from other brands and what makes it unique?

IS.U takes the shopping experience a step ahead and it doesn’t restrict itself to just “looking good” but also focuses on “feeling good” and being “YOU’. IS.U is a brand that empowers women to be unapologetically themselves and encourages them to be comfortable in your own skin.

  1. What is your take on sustainable fashion?

Amongst all the cultural talks and discussions, climate change is at the vanguard. It is time we embrace eco-friendly and sustainability even in the realm of fashion. With the upcoming trends of 2020, a lot of brands are producing items that is contemporary and can be repurposed.

  1. What’s your fitness regime?

I love to run, swim and do yoga. I usually juggle between these activities to keep myself fit.

  1. What’s your beauty regime?

I consume a good amount of litres of water in a day. I refrain from washing my face too many times a day to not lose my natural facial oils as its good for your skin. I make sure I use toner and moisturizer on my face regularly. I do not wear makeup on a regular day when I’m not working. I make sure I remove my makeup and clean my face properly before hitting the bed. As I have a combination of dry and oily skin, I use my favourite cream that suits my skin type just well.

  1. What projects are you working on currently?

I have been working on this really cool web series which is on pause due to the current situation. Unfortunately, I can’t talk about but we are going to announce it soon!

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