Celebrities Are Having Fun Kicking Caps Off Bottles


Do you remember the Kiki challenge which went viral in 2018 summer season? Well, the internet apparently upgraded the challenge madness to the next level by kicking caps of bottles. Yes, the Bottle Cap Challenge is ruling the internet today. The Bottle Cap Challenge is basically attempting to unscrew the cap of a bottle with foot in the middle of a kick without knocking the bottle down. Sound’s interesting?

The bottle cap challenge started when an Instagram user @farakicks, who claims to be the European taekwondo champion in his Instagram profile posted a video of himself demonstrating the challenge. The video shows @farakicks jumps and kicks the cap off the bottle, and he also tagged the former professional athlete Jason Statham and MMA professionals, Conor McGregor, Jon Bones and Max Holloway to take the task.

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Bottle cap challenge

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Many celebrities picked up the challenge. Singer John Mayer got 4.2 million views for his post with the hashtag#BottleCapChallenge.








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