Lip Smacking IPL Exclusive Menu of Raahi


IPL Exclusive Menu of Raahi

Raahi is known as the party place in Bengaluru. It is an exclusive Neo kitchen concept bringing the best of ambience, drinks, music and crowd. This IPL season, the place has decided to get creative with their menu unifying the team spirit in the city. Ever thought of eating spring rolls served on a cricket pitch? Or eating a whole ball stuffed with cheese? Yes, that’s what we are talking about.


IPL Exclusive Menu cocktail offering

The crowd is going crazy over its cricket themed menu , just as IPL. Special credits go to Chef Sombir and Chef Ankur for all their creative work. The menu is not just a random selection, it is curated keeping local ingredients, taste of the customers in mind and is packed with flavours. 

IPL Exclusive Menu of Raahi

Check out our top IPL exclusive menu picks at Raahi


IPL Exclusive Menu of Raahi

Beet Hummus Crostini with Fresh Mozzarella  

This gastronomical delight is for the ones who like it all fancy. It’s an amuse bouche (a small appetizer served before a meal ) for your IPL loving soul.

Stumping Spring Rolls

Spring rolls can actually be resembled as wickets and a serving plate can actually be made to resemble a pitch. You doubt that? Go check it out yourself. (IPL fans, this one is specially for you all!)

Hat-trick Hummus Platter

Triangular shaped pitta bread served in 3 different colors and set on a pitch of hummus with micro greens, gave awesome organic vibes. 3 types of hummus were served along. Tasty, healthy and aesthetical, yes this Hat-trick you all must take!

Yoker Wings

Juicy, crispy chicken wings hand tossed in hot garlic sauce is an absolute Yoker for your taste buds. 

Nut Fudge Panner Tikka

Stumps like look and feel given to paneer tikka . Stuffed with khoya, cheese, nuts, and special chef ingredients, served with homemade spinach crisp and smacked mint chutney. (Your favorite team playing the best in IPL while your taste buds enjoying paneer tikka! Best of both worlds)

Palak Paneer Pinwheel

Served in an inverted umpires cap look alike plate, the dish completely blew out our minds. We have always seen paneer cut in cubes and put in spinach puree but this is definitely not close to that. It’s exotic, appetizing,  savory and enjoyable.

Googly Garlic Bread

Shhh! We’d like you to check it out yourself but what we can tell is, that it is not like a regular garlic bread that you eat in any other restaurant or fast food place, it is a ball shaped brioche bun, with cheese, cream cheese and herbs insertions. Baked to perfection.

Duckworth Lewis Prawn Dumpling     

An exclusive prawn delicacy tossed with chef special fillings. It’s a colorful retreat to eyes and is inspired by the vibe of the game. We strongly recommend you to try. 

Mango masterstroke Shrikhand Gateaux

A perfect blend of sweet, tangy flavours of mango dressed up with flavourful shrikhand, garnished with edible flowers adding much more flavours that you can imagine. (Celebrate the win of your IPL team with this!)

Maiden over Mango Falooda

We have always had falooda which is soft and melts in the mouth quickly. Have you ever tried crispy falooda instead? A delight which combines fresh mango, nuts and other assortments and is a completely different twist to mainstream falooda. We recommend you to not leave this place without trying this. (Crispy Falooda for the rocky roads your IPL team faced!)




Whether it’s their Googly Garlic bread or the gastronomic dishes, each cuisine will surprise and keep IPL fans asking for more! The Super Over Mocktails, cocktails and the lip-smacking  mango shrikhand Gateaux will bowl diners over with their flavours as the team takes their final winning shot and comes one step closer to victory.

IPL Exclusive Menu of Raahi

Chef Ankur with the team of Style.World Ms Shrishti and Mr Harikishan

Collab Courtesy : Pitch Perfect Media

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