Invoguevari and Pencil for change came to India for the first time on Manickath Global Fashion Week


Manickath Global Fashion Week by Kamal Manickath held at Bolgatty Dockyard, Kochi was a fulfilling experience. Designers with amazing experience and exposure throughout the world not just in fashion but also in understanding the science behind fashion.

An architect turned fashion designer, Pattnaik Ompriya Mohanty’s (@omreu ) fashion labels Invoguevari and Pencilforchange came for the first time on Manickath Global Fashion Week to showcase his sustainable design. His brands are one of the few fashion houses that are transforming a classic status symbol into social statement pieces through calligraphy series handwoven, tie-dye, ikat silk, and cotton clothing. He believes in, that adding sustainable development initiative in a project has renewed the passion for weaving and recognition to the weavers globally.

It’s interesting to know Their “Shop To Reduce Poverty” initiative (United Nations sustainable development goals) “Every dollar spent to elevate an individual out of poverty holds the promise to uplift millions.” Know more at

#ready for a better tomorrow @invoguevari @pencilforchange “Life on earth: Excess of 1 part of Carbon & 2 parts of Oxygen and its role in vogue” year-round collection!

How they are designing clothing, lifestyle products and consumer models to be more sustainable globally. They are transforming a classic status symbol into powerful social statement pieces through our literacy, climate change, socio-economy, no poverty, food security, series handwoven tie-dye ikat silk and cotton, hand embroidery, hand painting clothing.

Their equitable policy thinking towards building a strong and prosperous society in a fair and equitable world by addressing social inequality, gender identity, community-building globally will empower millions. You can feel positive about our carbon-negative clothing lines. “It is a step towards keeping alive the dying art of tie-dye ikat hand weaving and hand embroidery, adding sustainable development initiative in the project has “renewed the passion for weaving and given self-confidence and recognition to the weavers”, which helps communities in rural India to preserve their traditional skills.

To know more about how they’re addressing climate change, fashion waste recycling, social inequality, gender identity, community-building, and more, write to then at , Instagram – @omreu @invoguevari @pencilforchange , Facebook – invoguevari london , pencilforchange,


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