C Krishniah Chetty and Sons presents  Indian Designer League organized by EspartoEvents. One of the most prestigious fashion show which was held at The Chancery Pavillion Banglore. The event was produced by Zulfi Ali and choreographed by the very famous Dalu Krishnadas, Jude Felix and Faheem. Amit Pandya being the official stylist.

The show was filled with all the famous designers showcasing their amazing collections on the ramp. Designers like Gunjan Jaiswal, Karuna, Thanu Gowda, Govind Kumar Singh, Shabeeb Rehman, Romita, Meraj, Kamal Manickath, Aparna.S, Roopa Gangadher, Sapna, Piyush, N Lift, Steffy showcased their collection. The Grand finale was put-together by Aparna. The event also had a phenomenal list of celebrity show stoppers like Santosh Reddy, Sathvika, Radhika Chetan, Itty Achariya, Neha Saxena, Dhinakar, Sindhu who killed it at the ramp.

Season one was successfully held at Cochin. Season two was also a successful show held at The Chancery Pavilion on the 25th Aug.

Photo Courtesy: Jerin Nath

Videographer: Sreekanth Pranavam


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