Head Out To This Mini Tibet Just 5 Hours From Bangalore


Head Out To This Mini Tibet Just 5 Hours From Bangalore

To the point: Located just five hours out of Bangalore, Bylakuppe is the biggest Tibetan settlement outside of Tibet. Shrouded in monasteries, monks in maroon robes and prayer flags, here’s everything you need to know about this haven.


Things To Do In Bylakuppe:

Visit the Namdroling Monastery

Also known as the golden temple or as the Tibetans call it – Thegchog Namdrol Shedrub Dargye Ling. It is especially famous for its three copper and gold plated statues of Buddha (one 60 Ft. high and the other two 58 Ft. high). You can find prayer beads, prayer wheels and hoards of monks as the temple also doubles up as a lodging facility with over 200 rooms for the monks who are studying. Bylakuppe also has many Buddhist universities for advanced Buddhist practices.

Shop At Tibetan Shopping Centre

The Tibetan Shopping centre is located right outside the temple, making it a commercial spot for tourists to shop and take back mementoes. The shops lined one after the other sell everything from prayer flags (you see so often on bikes and cars) to clothes, to knick-knacks.

The stay in Bylakuppe is quite cheap. There aren’t any five stars or even three-star hotels. Your best bet are the monastery guesthouse like the Sera Jey Monastery or Sakya Monastery Guest House that are clean and equipped with bedding, bathrooms and furniture. The monks live a simple life that requires them to wake up early; hence their day ends early too.  You won’t see must activity post 6 pm in the evening.

What To Eat?

There’s no surprise here, but the food is basic with a variety of Thukpas, Momos and stir-fry rice and noodles are your best pick. You can find some places that offer non-veg, but there are a handful that are completely veg. Potala Kitchen, Olive Garden and Green Land are good bets. Heads up, all the places make only vegetarian food on Wednesdays. As the monks are early risers, they are also early sleepers. Their mealtime is around 6 pm and it’s very hard to find any eateries or rather any shops open at that time.  Tibetans are known to make some good beer, but unfortunately, alcohol is restricted here.


Bylakuppe is 40 km or an hour’s drive from Coorg

Bylakuppe is 245 km or a five-hour drive from Bangalore

Bylakuppe is 88 km or a two-hour drive from Mysore

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