Ready To Taste Some Home Made Chutneys, Ladoos And Snacks?


Ready To Taste Some Home Made Chutneys, Ladoos And Snacks?

What is the most difficult part of staying out of your home? For many, it might be home-cooked food, or rather their mom’s food. Everyone misses their mom’s food and there is no comparison or alternative. Or is there? Geeta’s Kitchen – a home-based snack and condiments brand based in Koramangala offers some finger-licking Karnataka style knick knacks including chutneys, pickles, and ladoos. Their besan ladoos are filled with ghee and jaggery and sprinkled with some pure love. They also offer some crunchy snacks too for you to munch on while watching television or simply chilling.

They offer some delicious chutneys and pudis including the mango and tomato which goes best with idlis, vadas and dosas. You can also have it with plain bread when you’re short of time and can’t afford to cook up any south Indian luxuries for breakfast. The seasonal gooseberry and mango pickle has perfectly balanced spice levels. You can get these in regular boxes starting from INR 100. They also take corporate orders, wedding or anniversary events. Geeta’s snacks form great gifts for celebrations, because they are made with natural preservatives which are the symbol of purity, just like all our religious celebrations. Next time you want some pure amma’s food, you can try Geeta’s Kitchen.

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