Hassle-Free Travel – Essential Things for a Solo Traveler


Hassle-Free Travel – Essential Things for a Solo Traveler

List of things you shouldn’t miss to carry if you are on a solo trip!

The idea of Solo trips might bewilder some people, but to few it’s an experience which can’t be any less than a reward for themselves. It is a way to discover new things about oneself. You can encounter new atmosphere and new set of people who might surprise you with the stories that brings inspiration, joy and excitement!

Hassle-Free Travel

For such a rich intellectual experience, one should also be prepared for a load of challenges that are thrown across unexpectedly to thoroughly enjoy experience. To be able to cope up with the challenges, here is a checklist one should stick around for their solo adventures in the country:

Portable charger

Many travelers might swear by this equipment, as it allows you to charge your phone on the go. Get yourself one with good mAH ( milli-ampere per hour). It becomes essential, especially because you are most likely to be dependent on your phone for direction, contacts and so on and so forth!

Offline Maps

If you are venturing to a place which is expected to be secluded and you doubt you might not get network, it is essential that you are prepared at least a step for such situations, and that prerequisite could be an offline map. Here are some apps you can try your hands on to not to get lost! :


Hassle-Free Travel

A light luggage of versatile wearable:

You might not want to carry a truckload full of things and get burdened because of the luggage you planned to carry. Limit the things you want to pack to enjoy the journey hassle-free. Hold the things which u feel like carrying and ask yourself do you really need them? Are they versatile enough to be included? You might not want to stack on pairs of strappy heels when you plan to explore the place by foot or a cycle, instead throw in a pair of durable and comfortable shoes and a pair of flats ( I swear by my leather strapped, cushioned flat sole). Similarly, men can opt for sliders and sports shoes. Skip heavy weighing clothes or wear them on yourself! Always keep a long scarf which might save your day if you are freezing in the cold! Or can be worn in a stylized way as a top, skirt or a dress! Don’t Ditch your jacket, carry one which u can rely on! Have at least one pair of jogger pants that are comfortable, non-sloppily stylish which can be worn to a trek or can be slipped in and can be styled for an unexpected low-key party at night. Roughly carry Half of the number of clothes – or +2 for the days you plan to travel, weird as that might sound but it does work! Or dig your own equation!

Hassle-Free Travel

A waterproof bag-pack/ rucksack and a side handbag

Find a waterproof durable, functional bag-pack and a rucksack (if u plan to travel for more days). Brands like osprey and North face are a popular choice around the globe. Carry a durable sling bag along to take your essentials when you are out for sightseeing, shopping or just outside the place that you are halting.

Hassle-Free Travel

Money, Cards and ID proof

This is more of a tip. Withdraw money which will suffice you for at least two days under minimum budget. Tuck some of it with a card in your money pouch while the rest of it can go in the hidden compartment of the bag-pack/sling bag or even in your clothes if they are functional enough for that. You will be left with some valuables even if you lose some, unfortunately, because of your old school but smart tactic!

Hassle-Free Travel

Travel kit

Carry sunblock, face wash, and other miscellaneous stuff you need on a daily basis (small packs of all of those of course). Pack sanitizer, anti-bacterial facial wipes, and some emergency medicines such as an antacid, an anti-allergens etc in your sling bag. Hunger curbing snacks can be included to battle your hunger pangs, especially, while you are aboard your travel vehicle.


Carry your intuitions along, which will come handy all the way! Reach out for/to help if you need to, don’t shy away. Explore and enjoy, experiencing and learning the whole of new things on your own! First and foremost thing: RESEARCH!

Hassle-Free Travel


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