Guide to a Style Quotient this Autumn


Guide to a Style Quotient this Autumn

As October begins, we feel the air change, and the style quotient travelling to the direction of checks again. We can do a lot with checks, but it puts us in a rut when we are figuring out what kind of checks are actually in this season.

Here’s a cheat guide to help you with your style quotient this Autumn.  You can easily add a jumper or a beret to just change the look of the outfit and be the trendiest one out of the lot.



Go classic! Now, this might sound very easy but sometimes we add in too many elements to the outfit that we lose track and end up cluttering a lot of things. Maintaining a color scheme complement’s each element of the outfit very easily, you may not even have put in a lot of efforts but it will surely make you look put together.



Belt it up! Pairing it up with a belt and a T-Shirt gives an oomph factor to a regular checkered dress also it’s so easy to carry and make it a casual look.



A sheer top with ruffles is perfect for days when the weather is not very “Octobery”. There surely are days when we think it’s going to be cold and cozy but ends up being hot. Do check out the link of everything in the picture given below to get your favorite outfit.



The suit is up! Go with a basic checkered blazer, and pair them with a basic tee, skinny jeans and pumps. You will surely be the boss you already are!




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