Flevent at the Indiranagar Club


Flevent at the Indiranagar Club

FLEVENT, a name that is quite new to the ears. But the way they put up a show, they don’t come across as amateurs. Recently, on the 28th of October, they organised a festival that was filled with a variety of stalls, none of them similar to the other.

There were certain stalls that literally blew our minds. Since aesthetic things always get more eyes, here are some of the stalls that really got our attention:


Art by Aakansha — Hued Spirit

Aakansha Menon, a designer and an illustrator, draws for a living. She gives an artistic touch to whatever she does. She’s so fun to talk to, and inspiring with her work.


Soup’s Cake co.

Soup’s Cake co., a company by Supriya Agarwal who is an Alumni of Lavonne Academy is a cake artist and a pastry chef. She makes customized cakes and desserts. Everything you find on her stall is very different, colorful and scrumptious. We had to hold ourselves back from eating everything up.


Suffuse Soaps

Have you ever felt like eating your soap? If you haven’t, you definitely will once you buy Suffuse soaps, especially their cupcake ones. They’re so alluring and interesting in shapes, colors and designs.


Art by Amulya

Amulya Jaypal, a self-taught artist, creates art and transfers it onto objects that you could buy. Some of her very attractive pieces are her notepads, fridge magnets and photo frames. Her focal point is making something that has meaning.


The July Store

The July store is a place that does custom made terrariums. These days decorative plants have become fascinating, and this store has a very unique way of building up their terrariums.


The Flora

This store was what stood out the most to us due to their vibrancy. But when we had a talk, there was more to it than just aesthetics. Two young girls started with this brand that allows one to subscribe to weekly flowers for a varied price range. They give out flower food, which is a fairly new concept to us. What an impressive stall!


We had a great time at this event, all chirpy and humble people. So much creativity in one spot, we’re definitely motivated to work harder.


Written and photographed by — Shainika Reddy ( https://www.instagram.com/shainikareddy/ )

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