Five Ways To Revamp Your Old Saree


Five Ways To Revamp Your Old Saree

A Saree is an integral part of Indian fashion since a long time now. Over the years, there has been a huge evolution in the way they are styled. Give your favourite saree a twist, wear it in an unconventional way and give it a personal touch! Now with the Saree Challenge going viral, why not treat the six-yard wonder in a brand-new style. Julahaa Sarees shares five ways to revamp your old saree and give it a modern twist.

Ruffle It Up

Get a layer of ruffles added to your old saree to give it a whole new look. The ruffles add a western touch to the saree and give it an edgy look.

Add a statement belt

Wear a statement belt cinching your waist. Not only will this give definition to your waist but it will also amp up your whole look!

Accessorise well

The right accessories can change a boring and dull look into a perfect one! Wear a choker with low neckline blouses or big statement earrings with high neckline ones to complete your look.

Don’t keep it Basic

Gone are the days when simple blouses were paired with sarees. Wear a white shirt or a bralette instead or you can add a blazer on top to keep things different.

Ditch the Heels

We all know how uncomfortable heels can get and we all have been through the pain it gives after a 2-3 hours wear! So why not switch them up with our very own sneakers and opt for a sporty look.

Five Ways To Revamp Your Old Saree

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