Five Most Famous Cartier jewellery Designs that every women wish for!


Five Most Famous Cartier jewellery Designs that every woman wish for!

Cartier jewellery, oh the jewellery we all desire for. It is said to be the finest jewellery in the world produced by Alfred’s three sons, how we thank them for their marvellous creation for us ladies! We so wish the golden era (to be precise 1910 to 1940) would bless us with these beautiful creations. So let’s begin with few of the best designed and best-made jewels in the history and let’s dig into some royalty!


Maria Félix’s crocodile Necklace

People have affection towards many god creations! So did Maria Felix, the Mexican movie star who is known for her famous Cartier jewellery in the 1940’s, she had a beautiful necklace of two crocodiles a golden and another green. Made of minute stones, the eyes one red and another green have their own special elegance. Its beautiful lustre leaves us mesmerised. Well, she seemed to have special love towards the reptiles as she chose to bless her wardrobe with jewellery representing snakes and crocodiles.

Five Most Famous Cartier jewellery Designs


Margjorie Merriweather posts Art Deco necklace

Enthralled by its beauty, is the fascinating piece of Marjorie, she lived an incredibly upper-class lifestyle. The necklace was made of diamond and sapphire; the dazzling gems captivated every soul. The elaborate carvings and precise geometric forms, we wonder how anyone could be so perfect. The bold piece has a main stone surrounded by 30 pillar type stones being creative in its own intriguing way. Such pieces are rare to find, so if we find one better lock it and keep it!

Five Most Famous Cartier jewellery Designs


Hutton-Mdivani Jadeite Necklace

Who knew jadeite beads could help pay debts! Can you believe it; a necklace with its perfect peak of simplicity could be worth of $27.44 million! Well, that was the beauty and compelling nature of this beautiful necklace. Made up of 27 jadeite beads, ruby and diamond’s splendid beauty give it a perfect look of emphasis! But as people speak about its beauty all over the world we still feel sorry for you Barbara Hutton as people also speak about the sad and mysterious circumstances of this famed strand of jade beads! Now don’t you all agree, royalty pays its own price?

Five Most Famous Cartier jewellery Designs


Daisy Fellowes’s Tutti Frutti collier hindou necklace

Indian inspired Cartier necklace! What a proud moment! Made up from our ancient stones, 72 pearls, 12 cabochon rubies, 94 cabochon emeralds and 2 square emeralds. The vibrant colours used in this necklace surly tempts us a lot! We love this necklace as much as we love the Tutti Frutti ice creams! (as the name attracts us) We are in love with this elegant mixture of east and west cultures.

Five Most Famous Cartier jewellery Designs


Grace Kelly’s engagement ring

All girls wish for a perfect Prince Charming! But what actually steals our heart is the perfect engagement ring! Better have good choice boys, you’re girls expectations might increase after reading this blog. In this context, we must envy Grace Kelly, the princess of Monaco during the 50’s. She was presented with a beautiful ring made of ruby and emerald. The royal ring was upgraded by a 10.47 carat-cut diamond. (2 baguette diamonds to be precise, because yeah we know how much diamonds mean to us, so let’s be specific about it!). We all pray you’ll get a guy like our Prince of Monaco.

Five Most Famous Cartier jewellery Designs


Jewellery isn’t always about the cliché idea of gold, silver or platinum. Sometimes the designs and colors used keep us spellbound! This is the perfect word to describe the unique designs of Cartier designs. Some designs need not be marked with its originality, the splendid beauty does it all for us! The Cartier jewellery stole our hearts away and we hope so did yours. Watch out ladies, it’s better to see your money on your neck and wrists. We all deserve new jewellery!

Sparkle and shine!

Article by: Sanjana V Sethiya


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