Diwali pop up lights up the season at House of Three


Diwali is a festival of celebration, enjoyment and gift giving. Get your Diwali fix this season, with House of Three, in association with Raj Shroff, is showcasing a limited edition curation of High Fashion. Stunning apparels, glimmering jewellery, footwear, lifestyle, wellbeing and home decor labels here will grab your attention. Looking for a customised wardrobe? Ravage by Raj Shroff and House of Three by Sounak Sen Barat and Anu Shyamsundar will do it for you. Indulge in numerous well-being products from Cinnamon. Get festive footwear to match your colourful outfits from Pastels and Pop. Spruce up your house with Chairs and Company. Spice up the look with decor products from Naara and House of Three home.

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