Creators = Connect plus Collaborate, the work meet play event by Koramangala


Social Koramangala hosted a work meet play event collaborated with the
Social Works – an evolution of Social’s co-working space on 28th April called Creators = Connect + Collaborate. The event included many segments including Beyond SteppinOut by Rices Obliquity/ SteppinOut, Discover Music with Beatworx Studio, Network with TiE Chapter Bangalore, Behind the Bar with Deepak Ravindran – Founder, Pirate Fund by Tribe Theory Startup Hostels, India – Powered by Construkt, Tinker cocktails with Jameson Irish Whiskey and Jones Elish J, Chill with the on-field team of Red Bull, India, Converse with InkWeaver, play with ReRoll: Bangalore’s Board Games Collective, Doodle, destroy and create with Kranti Art Theory and also theWhoop some at Foosball with Kloh and West Block BluesBengaluru FC. This event was a great success and also was a golden chance for the audience to meet the amazing minds who have crafted the creative and nightlife ecosystem and set trends in India.

The event gave an opportunity to the audience to meet the people behind the scenes of various communities and understand how the work goes down. The event also provided a chance for the audience to get feedback on their work and to find the work opportunities and meet the players that are making your game fun and party all under one roof.


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