Creating an at-home Spa Experience


Tired toes, aching heels or cracked toes are all a consequence of the griefs of the routinely troublesome lives we drive. Whether it is cooking, shopping, running errands, rushing for conferences, spending endless times in queues or jogging, we drive our toes to fatigue. It is not accessible to rest with our frantic job schedules these days. At the end of the day, it is not about pushing the deadlines, it is about taking some time for pampering yourself. Gone is the era when you had to take the trouble of visiting a spa or salon to pamper yourself. The latest trend that has germinated the interior design industry by passion is creating an at-home salon and spa. Now you can prefer your ideal niche, gird yourself with your desired song or grab your favourite flick while relaxing at your home spa. Here’s how you can enhance your spa and salon experience at home.

Creating an at-home Spa Experience

  1. Declutter

Decluttering your area is a great method to begin decluttering your mind. It is vital that all bathroom essentials are kept convenient and everything else has been effortlessly tucked away to aid in managing a calming ambiance. This not only helps declutter your area, but it will also help you create an authentic spa aesthetic.

  1. Build extra storage

If you have difficulty spotting an area to stock all of your bathroom toiletries and essentials, get artistic by figuring extra storage in areas by imagining how a spa would organise and arrange toiletries. Attempt utilising transparent glass vessels to collect cotton balls on the countertop, figure a wicker container to publicise hand napkins and tray for holding hand cleanser, creams, and other products.

  1. Embrace pleasing colour palette

Use of neutral hues like beige, white and blue serves to anchor the colour for your at-home spa, thus formulating an appealing ambiance.

  1. Build-in your shower head

By renewing your shower with a massage shower head, you can modify your whole at-home spa activity. Whether you choose a waterfall shower, hand-held, or a high-pressure showerhead, deciding a unique shower head that operates fully with your technique will hastily renew your washroom.

  1. Affixing calming aromas

Aromatherapy gives the primary impact to your home spa practice by exciting passions, intensifying leisure, and releasing strain. Essential oils, scented soaps and cosmetics, with aromatic candles are the best forms to fix the mood when formulating a bathroom spa and salon. Give your bathroom areas the latest spa experience with calming aromas, fragrance, elegant accessories and visually delightful and soothing tones to formulate a personal retreat within the confines of your home space.

  • By Hemil Parikh, Founder, Elysium Abodes LLP.

Creating an at-home Spa Experience

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