Celebrate Mother’s Day Enjoying ‘Salt Therapy’ at Bodhsara Wellness and Salt Studio


Celebrate Mother's Day Enjoying 'Salt Therapy' at Bodhsara Wellness and Salt Studio

On the upcoming special occasion of Mother’s Day, Bodhsara Wellness and Salt Studio in collaboration with TheStyle.World has announced a special treat for the best of your mom and your health. The Wellness Centre understands the challenges our body faces everyday with the toxins that get generated due to our lifestyle. Hence, it is bringing an especially curated ‘Salt Therapy’ for ensuring an overall wellness. 


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To participate this Wellness Contest of Mother’s Day, all you need to do is follow these quick steps:

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  2. Post a picture of “Mom and Me Happy Moment” by 13th May, 2023.
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And the drum rolls begin as we find the Best Picture from you all and treat you with special therapy to rejuvenate your health.

But we are not blind siding you with the Mother’s Day Contest. Here’s a small insightful story from one of the visitors who was left awestruck by Bodhsara Wellness and Salt Studio.

Read the words that Runa Dalal wrote about her experience from Bodhsara Wellness and Salt Studio

Celebrate Mother's Day Enjoying 'Salt Therapy' at Bodhsara Wellness and Salt Studio

“What could be a more relaxing than spending the afternoon of a weekend enjoying the detox therapy at a local health centre? Our health is of utmost priority and each one of us has become vigilant about it. That is where the salt therapy comes in. 

Thanks to The Style.World, I was able to enjoy the salt therapy at Bodhsara Wellness and Salt Studio, Koramangala which is a state-of-the-art Pink Salt based studio. During my visit, I was able to try out their salt room. And I have to admit that it was a revitalising experience that left me feeling both lighter and purified!

Their in-house physician has a lot of patience and offers useful advice for addressing your health issues that are related to the lifestyle. The practice of halotherapy dates back more than a century. This treatment is holistic in nature, does not include the use of any drugs, and is entirely natural. Also known as dry salt therapy, it is carried out in a setting that has been artificially manufactured to imitate a real salt cavern.

The method involves taking in air that has been infused with salt. We all know that salt has qualities that inhibit the growth of bacteria and reduce inflammation. It clears the sinuses, reduces the symptoms of pollen allergies, and helps expel extra mucus in the lungs. The symptoms of asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and bronchitis are all made more manageable with halotherapy’s support.

This was a significantly better session for me than the one I had during my previous trip to Turkey, where I had participated in a similar activity. In addition to that, they provide a variety of additional treatments, such as oxygen therapy, pranic healing, and more. Witnessing the quality of service at Bodhsara Wellness and Salt Studio I intend to return for the infrared sauna.

As Mother’s Day is approaching, there was a discount of 20% on all of the services, which was another thing that made me happy, and I strongly encourage everyone to go for it. Bodhsara Wellness and Salt Studio also provides exclusive Himalayan salt lamps or candles that are of the highest quality. I bought one for myself  and can’t help but recommend that you also get one for yourself.”Celebrate Mother's Day Enjoying 'Salt Therapy' at Bodhsara Wellness and Salt Studio


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