Black & White Ginger Ale’s Debut Party had People Talking

Black & White Ginger Ale's Debut Party had People Talking

Photo Courtesy: Yousuf and Sathya

Black & White Ginger Ale’s debut party had people talking, and Diageo and LBB India’s Sunburn Bangalore brought people together for a good time with complete strangers.

Black & White Ginger Ale's Debut Party had People TalkingDiageo India has announced the launch of their carbonated mixer, which would provide customers with a more enjoyable experience and allow them to try more of their non-alcoholic drinks. Black & White Ginger Ale, a new product from the firm, is meant to be enjoyed both indoors and out. Black & White Ginger Ale is the perfect non-alcoholic effervescent drink for gatherings, thanks to its refreshing blend of natural ginger and citrus flavours. Table for Everyone, by Black & White Ginger Ale, is a reflection of this brave new world where the idea of sharing ignites new conversations. Among other things, it aims to stimulate discussions that facilitate the discovery of shared and unique experiences that enrich everyone involved. This unique venue creates fresh settings for in-depth discussions that forge new bonds or rekindle old ones over out-of-this-world culinary adventures.

Black & White Ginger Ale's Debut Party had People TalkingWhen it comes to implementing the campaign’s concept, Black & White Ginger Ale is first to the punch by releasing the one-of-a-kind game “Cards for Sharing.” The game is a lighthearted and welcome way to encourage conversation by means of a few humorous questions and interesting topics. The story is structured in such a way that the narrator’s true colours only come out when the right questions are asked. The idea and game make sharing effortless fun, allowing for more people to sit around the table and have meaningful exchanges. The developer thinks that the game can serve as a hub for players to meet new people and rediscover their past through the process of playing. As a result of this firm belief, the “Table for Everyone” concept has been disseminated across the country via the brand. The Style.World’s team was given the same opportunity. Reduce isolation and start talking to people.

As the Editor in Chief of TheStyle.World, I participated in the festival’s promotion at Sunburn Bangalore. Many influencers from different walks of life sat at a table with total strangers, reading aloud the questions from cards and giving their honest, unrehearsed answers. As the storyteller reveals a new facet of themselves, the ‘table’ grows in depth.  Expounding on the initiative’s activation of moments of meaningful connection and dialogue. I didn’t know a soul, yet soon felt at home among them.

Black & White Ginger Ale's Debut Party had People Talking
Regarding the beverages, a customised menu from Mixologist that featured three different cocktail options combined with the ginger ale; Black & White Highball, Essence of Bengaluru, and Guava Chilli Nostalgia were served. Along with it Green tea, pink guava, and chilli seltzer mixed along Black & White scotch was also there. Bringing the essence of Bangalore, Black and White Scotch with handcrafted filter coffee, flavourful Tumkur coconut and soda weaved magic on everyone.
Black & White Ginger Ale's Debut Party had People TalkingThe vegetarian and non-vegetarian platters at Sunburn were delicious and left us satisfied. The vegetarian platter included corn chaat, paneer tikka with dip, loaded fries and cheese and jalapeno balls.  Fish, chicken legs, chicken tikka, and an assortment of salads with tahini dip made up the non-vegetarian appetisers.
Special Thanks : Smitha Yadav 
By: Shrishti Jaiswal

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