Celebrate Fathers Day with Bablouie Cocktails x Where Tradition Meets Fun


With Fathers Day right around the corner, it’s time to celebrate those amazing father and son duos who’ve shared countless unforgettable moments. Bablouie Cocktails, the go-to brand that has won the hearts of Indian dads and their sons, invites you to make this Fathers Day a true blast with their exceptional range of handcrafted libations.

Celebrate Fathers Day with Bablouie Cocktails

At Bablouie Cocktails, we get it—Indian fathers have a taste for the good stuff. So, why not take their whiskey experience to a whole new level? Whether they fancy a single malt, scotch, or bourbon, Bablouie Cocktails offers an awesome variety of expertly crafted cocktail mixes that perfectly complement their favorite spirits.


Introducing Bablouie’s Old Fashioned Mix – the ultimate Fathers Day gift. This incredible mix takes the classic Old Fashioned and turns it into a flavor explosion, allowing dads to whip up a perfect cocktail experience right at home. With just a few simple steps, they can savor a premium cocktail that pairs like a dream with their beloved whiskey, creating a symphony of deliciousness.

Celebrate Fathers Day with Bablouie CocktailsBut wait, there’s more! Bablouie Cocktails also recommends adding a touch of magic to your dad’s favorite drinks. Our craft Cocktail Bitters are the secret ingredient that will make their mixology skills shine. Just a few dashes and drops of Bablouie’s Cocktail Bitters, and suddenly their cocktails transform into a whirlwind of complex flavors that take them back to their bachelor days. Trust us, this is the key to setting the mood right and creating an experience that will have your dad saying, “Cheers, son!”

Celebrate Fathers Day with Bablouie CocktailsTo top off the ultimate Father’s Day gift, why not surprise your old man with a Bablouie Bar Box? This all-in-one solution comes packed with everything he needs to become a cocktail wizard and flaunt his skills. From premium bar tools to recipe cards and insider tips, the Bablouie Bar Box ensures that every cocktail he creates is a masterpiece. After all, a dad is always a dad, and what better way to celebrate that than by empowering him to whip up mind-blowing drinks for himself and his loved ones?

Celebrate Fathers Day with Bablouie Cocktails“Fathers Day is the perfect time to honour the unique bond between Indian fathers and their sons,” says Rishabh Bhatia, the spokesperson for Bablouie Cocktails. “With our range of premium cocktail mixes, craft Cocktail Bitters, and the Bablouie Bar Box, we offer a one-of-a-kind and absolutely fun way for fathers and sons to create lasting memories together. Get ready to enjoy the magic and camaraderie that comes from sharing a perfectly crafted cocktail!”


Make this Fathers Day an absolute blast with Bablouie Cocktails.

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