Bento-Bevy by Paresh Lamba at Bangalore Times Fashion Week 2019


The Bangalore Times Fashion Week opened the second day with Paresh Lamba’s Signature collection the ‘Bento-Bevy’ on 2nd June 2019 at Sheraton Grand Bangalore. The dynamic actor Dino Morea slew the ramp in a custom classic suit with a slight drama and feather embellishment.

The collection was unique with a breeze of sartorial finesse in the form of the assorted floral, victorian, resort- wear, stripe streetwear, pinstripe, white winter, and grunge collection. The fabulous collection boasted of vivid floral prints which came in traditional Indian attire with the twist of the Victorian era. The reinventing pinstripe suit with bold lines and colours provoked a constant evolution of the formal and informal codes that define men’s wear. The exclusive resort wear collection features vibrant and natural digital printing on solid white fabrics such as tropical, zebra, parrots and hibiscus making it perfect for the holiday wear.

Dino Morea stated after the show that he is “Super excited to walk for Paresh Lamba. This city is super special to me and coming home is always a good idea. Classic is always in, and there is nothing better for a man than owning a well-tailored suit and Lamba is the best in the city!”.

Paresh Lamba’s Bento – Bevy 2019 collection celebrated the brand’s atelier as an eternal source of inspiration and artisanal saviour. They made a statement by keeping the designs casual with the meticulous pairing of stripe jackets with striped trousers and shorts. The differently cut lapels almost tickled every figment of the customer’s imagination.

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