Bengaluru gets Fitter with Fit Bengaluru


This Edition of Fit Bengaluru promotes Wellness and has included several special sessions to address the mental well-being of the participants as well.

Music and dance are an integral part of therapy – to help people de-stress and enjoy themselves. A 2-hour interval was included during the 2 days of the Festival to host music and dance performances to entertain the audience.

What to expect:

  • Workshops & talks by international celebrity trainers as well as leading fitness instructors and experts from across the country,
  • A 5K Run in Cubbon Park& Aqua activities at the JW Marriott pool (next to UB City)
  • A bigger & better Fit Market with 50+ stalls selling healthy, eco-friendly and ethically sourced smoothie bowls, athleisure, locally produced goods, healthy snacks, artisanal teas, handmade ceramics & pottery, and much more
  • Increased focus on mental wellness with more intimate sessions like Sound Bath Meditation, Art Therapy & Drama Therapy
  • New additions with sessions that are currently trending in the fitness industry, including Piloxing, Lyrical Yoga, Poi, Capoeira and the Hula Hoop
  • Performances by acrobats, freestylers, b-bois and dancers who will perform during the 2-hour interval on both days of the Festival
  • A music element has been added to this edition. Interesting instruments such as hand pans, didgeridoo and djembes will be utilised by artists in their performances.

Leading instructors at Fit Bengaluru 3.0

Leading experts of the wellness world come together at Fit Bengaluru 3.0. The key instructors include:

  • Drew Neal: Kickboxing 

World kickboxing champion and personal trainer to celebrities like Farhan Akhtar and Kareena Kapoor Khan. Has also been a kickboxing coach for the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations. He will be conducting a cardio and strength-based class using kickboxing movements.

  • Melvin Louis: Hip Hop Groove

Melvin Louis is a popular Bollywood dancer and choreographer. He is a self-taught dancer, who started his own unique style of dancing known as krump-hop and bolly-swag.

  • Cliszma DaCosta: Pound Fitness

Cliszma DaCosta is Goa’s first POUNDPRO and amongst the first few pros in India. POUND® is the world’s first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums. It is designed for all fitness levels. Instead of listening to music, you become the music in this exhilarating full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements.

Antara Guha: Piloxing 

Antara Guha Choudhary, a full time AFAA certified group fitness instructor, is the first Piloxing ® Master Trainer for India. Piloxing is a high intensity interval training with a fusion of boxing, standing pilates & dance. It is barefoot training with pumping music.

  • Sharath & Ravi: Capoeira workshop

Capoeira is a peaceful, non-violent and artistic martial art from Brazil, with origins in Africa. It is the only martial art which involves live music and is embedded in Brazilian culture. Capoeira movements are based on animal movements adopted from African slaves in Brazil and improvised and developed by Brazilian culture. While Ravi has learnt from internationally reputed Brazilian teachers, Mestre Chicote and Contra Mestre Janaina, Sharath has undergone training in South Africa for two years.

  • Yacobeh & Sarena: Poi Workshop 

Fire and LED flow artists, Yacobeh and Sarena Beri, the founders of Indie Flow Movement Arts are going to be conducting a poi session. Poi is both a movement form and equipment. Enhance your fitness, mobility and coordination, while playing and spinning with these tethered weights on a cord under the guidance of these facilitators.

Deepti Martolia: Lyrical Yoga

Lyrical Yoga blends the ‘Flow’ of Vinyasa yoga and the ‘Fluidity’ of dance. Lyrical Yoga believes that each one of us, has a natural rhythm to our body and this practice will help you discover the flow of your body and explore your own uniqueness. This holistic practice integrates mind-body connection and prepares you through the inward exploration of the body and breath.

  • Meera Murthy: Drama Therapy

Play is a physical theatre workshop for self-exploration through movement and drama. The workshop takes you through fun and creative exercises filled with spontaneous improvisations to express stories with movement, words and a range of emotions based on instructor Meera’s journey of understanding body wisdom.

  • Swetha Subbiah & Kunal Rajput: The Fitness Bloc Party

Nike certified instructors, Swetha Subbiah and Kunal Rajput will conduct a medium to high intensity session, which will include a carefully curated mix of traditional calisthenics and body weight training with interval training and strength training, set to a wicked playlist that makes this session one fitness party you don’t want to miss!

  • Sahana Jagannatha: Zumba 

A Zumba education specialist licensed in speciality areas like Zumba Kids, Zumba Sentao, Zumba Gold, etc. The Zumba session will be a full cardio workout.

  • Delson Joy D’Souza

Founder of India’s biggest Movement Fitness Facility, Chaos Faktory, and proud participant in Sylvester Stallone’s Ultimate Beastmaster

Uzma Irfan – Director, Prestige Group states, “As we enter 2020, I think it is important for us all to realise and acknowledge that healthy choices are part of a lifelong journey. They cannot be a quick fix. When you exercise regularly, sleep well and make smart eating choices, your body and brain function at their highest capacity.Increasing incidence of diseases like obesity and diabetes are prompting us to discover new ways to stay fit and take care of our health. With Fit Bengaluru, our objective is to encourage more people to take to fitness and a better way of life by exposing them to various aspects of the industry (diverse workouts, diet options etc.) on a single platform. We hope that families will come forward to experience Fit Bengaluru as fitness can begin at any age, and we have ensured that we have something for every age group at this event.”

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