A friendly guide to work from home efficiently


A friendly guide to work from home efficiently

Working from home has become a part of our lives now, at least until these testing times last. And it can be challenging for some of us. Unlike our offices, which are designed to provide a focused, professional workspace and environment, working from home comes with some unavoidable departures from our usual work habits and setups. While some of these disruptions are manageable, some require slight alterations to our surroundings. Thankfully, the addition or modification of even simple things can create a high-energy environment at home for you to be at your productive best. Flipkart Furniture has some products offerings and some suggestions in the form of Dos and Don’ts, that can help you achieve exactly that.

A friendly guide to work from home efficiently

  1. Declutter, store and organize

Cluttered spaces can be distracting and have been known to add to anxiety. Declutter the area around your workspace; gather stuff like loose newspapers, clothes and other household paraphernalia and lock them up them in neat storage units. It will not only help you concentrate on work but also add a clean, minimalist touch of elegance to the room.

  1. Set up a dedicated working area

Identify a relatively quiet spot in your house that can serve as a makeshift office space. Having a dedicated work area helps in focusing better. Get your own worktable. Make sure that it is lightweight yet sturdy, and comfortable for your height.

  1. Mind your posture

Whether you’re sitting on the floor or in a chair, make sure you don’t slouch. If you opt for a chair, choose it wisely. It should be comfortable, of course, but it should also be at a convenient height in relation to your desk and allow you to sit with a straight back and neck. This will greatly reduce the chances of backache and neck pain.

  1. Ensure proper lighting at your work desk

Position your workspace such that it gets adequate sunlight during the daytime. As it gets late in the day, however, you will need to ensure that there’s adequate lighting in place to create an energetic yet calm ambience. Lighting can have significant impact on productivity. If you tend to work late into the evenings or nights, it might be a good idea to get a luminous table lamp for your workstation. It will give you just the right amount of light to work, even if the other lights in the room are turned off.

  1. Keep the laptop table and dining table separate

We sometimes get so engrossed in work that our meals are thrown off-schedule. Short breaks during work, however, are a must. One shouldn’t be glued to the workstation for long hours; it affects both your health and your productivity. Take off your thinking hat, or whatever other hats you might don during work, when you sit down for a meal. This is an equally good idea when you’re working from office. It is best to keep your worktable separate from your dining table.

These are simple things to bear in mind and shouldn’t take much effort to follow. Please take utmost care of your health – both mental and physical – and try and make the best of your new, albeit temporary, daily routine.

A friendly guide to work from home efficiently

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