Wrogn and A47 collaborate to launch The Official Indian Infantry Collection


Wrogn and A47 collaborate to launch The Official Indian Infantry Collection (2)

Wrogn, the youth fashion brand co-owned by Virat Kohli, in a historic collaboration, proudly presents Wrogn X A47 – The Indian Infantry Collection, the inaugural army-inspired fashion collection in India. This remarkable partnership signifies the very first Infantry & Army-inspired collection in India, setting a unique and heartfelt milestone for the fashion industry.

The essence of this collection goes beyond trends, it’s a homage to the unsung heroes who protect our nation. “The real heroes of our country are neither seen on screen nor in a stadium, the real heroes are our armed forces. Today let’s pay our tribute to the brave hearts of the world’s largest democracy. Every time I wear this, I wear my gratitude. It’s a reminder for those who have taken the fall for me, you, and the entire nation” said Virat Kohli, proudly wearing a piece from the ‘Wrogn & A47 – Indian Infantry Collection’.

The collection features a range of garments including polos, jackets, camo t-shirts, and hoodies. The colour palette is inspired by the timeless earthy shades worn by the Army, with khaki, olive green, camo and all shades of brown. The key highlight is the detailing on every piece of the collection with the army badges, swatches, and motifs of the Kargil war, reminding us of the valour and sacrifices made by the Army in the service of our nation.

Commenting on the launch, Vikram Reddy, COO & Co-Founder of WROGN said, “This collection transcends mere fashion, it’s a heartfelt tribute to our genuine heroes, the Indian Infantry. This gives us Indians an opportunity to show our gratitude and be united with the nation at a profound level, as each piece in this collection stands as a daily reminder of the sacrifices our armed forces make.”

Adds Bhavik Vora, Founder & CEO, Black White Orange/A47, “A47 was born to honour India and its remarkable accomplishments. Our key objective is to ignite inspiration in the hearts of every Indian, encouraging them to proudly flaunt the diverse Indian organizations and achievements. Teaming up with Wrogn to enhance our partnership with The Infantry Museum and Research Centre marks a significant step toward realizing this vision. It’s a vision that now stands shared by them and a colossal figure in India’s sporting achievements, Virat Kohli. We couldn’t have envisioned a more fitting person to breathe life into our mission of paying tribute to our true heroes. We hope this collection fills everyone with the same pride that we’ve experienced while creating it.”

Wrogn and A47 collaborate to launch The Official Indian Infantry Collection (1)

This Wrogn X A47 – The Indian Infantry Collection will be available both online on Myntra, Flipkart, Wrogn.in and offline in Exclusive Brand stores, Shoppers Stop and Pantaloons through Wrogn’s retail network, ensuring easy access for consumers across the country. The collection starts at Rs. 1049. 

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