Marigold, A Brand That Offers Versatility And Talks About Elegance And Sustainability

Marigold, A Brand That Offers Versatility And Talks About Elegance And Sustainability (1)

In Centre: Megha and Menaka- Founders of Marigold

Marigold! Bright yellow, fresh, summer, running around the house during festivals. These are all the things that come to our head when we hear the word ‘Marigold’. Now imagine having all of this in your wardrobe. A Mumbai based brand, Marigold is the true example of women power which has been started by Megha Shah and Menaka Hakani. A womenswear brand that encapsulates the vibrant beauty of the household flower marigold and produces ready to wear everyday garments.

“Marigold is a very Indian traditional flower which is commonly used during poojas, festivals and on special occasions. It is considered to be auspicious and lifts up the whole place. The flower is a household name and is affordable. Hence, we thought starting a brand under this beautiful name is perfect that also resonates with our ideology”, says Megha Shah when asked about her brand’s unique name. 

Founders of Marigold, Megha and Menaka are hardcore Mumbaikars who have started the pret-a-porter collection of clothes that is one of a kind. What makes them special, you ask? These clothes are fluid and you can pair them with pieces that are already in your closet! (Having that one piece that could be styled in multiple ways sounds interesting as well as sustainable.) 

In this world where fast moving fashion is in, the thoughtful start of Megha and Menaka is here to create a statement. Talking about their idea behind the inception of Marigold, the designers say, “We don’t want to move too quickly with the fad. We don’t want to make something that is out of your wardrobe in the next 6 months. We want you to revisit your wardrobe again and again. Sustainability is our core value and hence each piece is curated in a way that encourages our clients to mix and match and carry a different look every time.” 

Styling yourself might be easy but converting a day look into a night look might sound a little daunting. With these special pieces from Marigold, you can do this without much hustle (Isn’t it very versatile!) 

The color palette of the clothing line of Marigold is very unique. The two designers, Megha and Menaka, specially hand pick the colors, embellishments and the fabrics. The designer duo pays very keen attention to detail as they are motivated by women of all age groups. They want to build this brand for the comfort of people where the wearers find it as their second skin. “The inspiration behind our brand Marigold is that it’s what I can see myself or my daughter or my mom wearing it. We want to make clothes that are likable by all age groups and suits each taste”, says Megha and Menaka with enthusiasm when asked about their whole idea behind Marigold.

The fabrics for which the designers themselves make a run every time are light and mostly cotton to perfectly pair with the humid Mumbai weather. That’s what makes the brand authentic. Not just that, the clothes available with Marigold are all available at affordable prices. 

This powerful team of two work well together which also reflects on the designs of their collection. Their individuality pops through every garment they make. Going forward, they also create designs that are timeless. They intend to make pieces that are classics and suffice your everyday look.

Marigold, A Brand That Offers Versatility And Talks About Elegance And Sustainability (1)

The brand which is soon going to be a household name is currently focusing on connecting with their customer face to face. Moving ahead, Megha and Menaka have grand plans for their brand. Upon receiving immense love from the people during different pop ups and flea markets, they are notching up games. Being in pace with the tech-driven world, the designer duo are soon going to be online to curate a space that provides easy accessibility to people. 

In today’s time, home grown brands are ruling the roost with women’s faces behind them. Marigold is one such brand that believes in the power of feminine energy and channelizes it to curate a sustainable future. 

“Nothing is too difficult. No pool of knowledge is too small. Use what you already know and add to it. Build it up from there. Don’t let anything make you feel down; there will be roadblocks, but you’ll always get through them”, says the designers of Marigold. Megha and Manaka are not only the designers but are wearing multiple hats from being the researchers to marketers. Their inspiring journey is not only about the establishment of Marigold with a unique vision but is a powerful narrative that encourages each of us to take the smallest step and witness a change.

By: Srishti Sreekrishna



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