What’s the Hullabaloo About?


An enriched life is a life pursuing one’s purpose. And if you find your purpose at a very young age, chances are, you will enjoy the process of honing it constantly. At Hullaballoo, we believe that this seeding of possibilities has to be sown during a child’s formative years itself. The more children are exposed to the myriad ways of expressing themselves, the more they will be inspired to make some of it their dreams and ambitions.

The team believes in having serious fun. They identify possibilities and experts, discuss and curate, set up the experience and conduct the fun. They also conduct live sessions. They carefully curate these experiences for your children that they can absorb on their own, or can enjoy with your participation. Each live session is meant to be highly interactive and are being capped at eight kids only.

Their USP is that they tie up with professionals who are experts in their field. They believe that every child needs professional assistance to mould them better.

The Hullabaloo team is founded by Anuja Gupta and co-founded by Danvneva Phira and Nithya David. Mothers of three year olds who felt a vacuum which needed to be filled, started this venture.

They have made the pricing very reasonable so that everyone can participate. The session starts from Rs 350 for one session and Rs 2200 for all nine sessions.

More details on www.hullabalooblr.com

What’s the Hullabaloo About?

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