Urban Ladder Launches Mehr- A Limited Edition Dining Set With The Elegance Of Indo-French Style 


Urban Ladder Launches Mehr- A Limited Edition Dining Set With The Elegance Of Indo-French Style 

Tying together the bright and colorful elements of summer, Urban Ladder has launched a vibrant yet chic dining set — Mehr. The limited-edition dining set is a classic amalgamation of Indo-French style. Inspired by the seasonal brilliance of the summer, this dining set is a symphony of traditional printed motifs from India and around the world with bold colors.

Crafted from Mango wood, each chair has a unique print on the backrest set against a beautiful, brushed Bali oak finish. The chairs are available in Parrot Green, Luxe Green, Chrome Yellow, Sapphire Blue, Cerulean Blue, and Fuschia Red Velvet. This meticulously crafted set is a perfect addition to your home for late morning brunches and to celebrate summer, promoting joy with their gleaming appearance.

“This product is designed to make your space look colorful and lively and uplift your spirits as you beat the scorching heat at home. The eclectic styling for the dining set will touch upon the trend of biophilic design, meets palatial styling, meets mad hatter tea party. These chairs will surely be an eye-catching element to the room. At Urban Ladder, we aim to create unique products that are well thought out and stand out in terms of quality and design. From the design to the selection of materials, finish, fabrics, and packaging, every detail is worked upon rather carefully. In the coming years, we are committed to innovating and bringing a blend of contemporary and traditional concepts and products to India”, says Maya Mathew, Head of DesignUrban Ladder.

Colour is undoubtedly a fantastic approach to breathe fresh life into your home or living space. This limited-edition set is available to customers for purchase on the Urban Ladder website starting now.

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