Travancore Roots Chooral Collection By Dtale


Travancore Roots Chooral Collection By Dtale

Dtale’s Travancore furniture collection showcases a range of exquisite furniture pieces inspired by the rich cultural heritage of the Travancore region in Kerala, India. The Travancore series from Dtale embodies the rich cultural aesthetics of the people of Travancore, known for their traditional lifestyle. With its royal and traditional motifs, exquisite detailing, and impeccable craftsmanship, the collection captures the essence of Travancore’s cultural heritage.

This collection of Dtale embodies the essence of traditional craftsmanship combined with contemporary design sensibilities. Each furniture piece in the Travancore Roots collection are meticulously crafted using chooral material paying homage to the unique artistic traditions of the region. The collection is thoughtfully curated to reflect the rich heritage and cultural significance of the region, resulting in furniture that captures the essence of Travancore’s artistic legacy.

The collection includes items such as intricately carved wooden chairs, elegant sofa chairs, ornate cabinets, diwans and coffee tables. Dtale’s Travancore furniture collection brings timeless elegance and artistic grandeur of Travancore to your living spaces and it also caters to various design preferences and adds a touch of cultural heritage to any interior.

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