The Ultimate Skin Care Guide this Summer!


The Ultimate Skin Care Guide this Summer!

Although we are already into this year’s summer, here are the must-have products which will definitely keep your skin radiating and full of glow all season long. There are a lot of products available everywhere in every other drug store, but to help our skin to the max, we need to take care of it regularly. Our skin goes through harsh changes like getting dry or too oily. Here are a few products which will help you in summer skin routine.

BB cream

One of the advantages of summer routine is that you don’t have to put on a lot of makeup. A BB cream helps for the coverage you may need which removes the need of a foundation or a concealer, because there are high chances of your make up melting off.

We recommend the Loreal True Match  BB cream because it gets absorbed to your skin instantly.  The name itself suggests the true match component which helped me match my skin tone.

INR:  489.00


How we require food to survive, our skin requires sunscreen, and we are not only talking about summer this applies through the entire seasonal cycle. The summers here in India are getting hotter year by year; the SPF 50+ helps us denominate sunburn.

Neutrogena ultra sheer sunscreen is what we suggest because it absorbs quickly so it doesn’t feel all sweaty when you step out. The brownie points must be given to this product because of its waterproof quality. The product also comes in a spray form which you can use for reapplication throughout the day.

INR:   429.00



We cannot even imagine stepping out of the house without a Deodorant in this heat. Unnecessary sweat this summer is a NO-NO, avoid it because it causes unnecessary infection which we do not need. Deodorants also avoided dark underarms.

Rexona power dry is the product that can give lasting effect literally. How you smell is one of the main factors of your lifestyle. Even if you forget to put on a perfume, Rexona is totally going to save your day.

INR:   90.00



We all know, our lips are the 5X times sensitive than the rest of our skin and it tends to damage a lot due to the bad UV rays during this season. In the market now, there are so many of them available. You can also get the tinted lip balms cause it gives you a pop of color and also the protection you require.

Island Kiss Organic Lip Moisturizer and Tint with SPF 15 is something we would recommend it has a various different flavor, but no color as such, the SPF helps a lot as it acts as a sunblock for your lips.

INR: 259.35


Cleansing Wipes

Sweating is one of the main reasons why all the dust in the world will be on your face at the end of the day. A routine of cleansing your skin on an hourly basis would do wonders and help your skin from those unwanted breakouts.

The Neutrogena Cleansing wipes especially these ’cause the wipes totally smell like fresh grapefruits you will fall in love with the sun you have been hating the entire day.

INR: 978.00


These are some of the essentials that we think everybody should have. It will change your summer completely and make it less stressful.

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