The Style Talk with Praveen Alva at The House of Tribes


Recently, The Style.World paid a visit to The House of Tribes and was completely blown away by a performance by a Tulu music performer. Praveen Alva, an architect residing in Bengaluru, very recently started creating songs in Tulu about four years ago. The vocalist challenged himself further as a result of a fortuitous meeting with the musician Raghu Dixit. We were able to have a casual conversation with the artist and learn some less well-known facts about him. In light of this, let’s learn more about Praveen Alva during our session of The Style Talk:

The Style Talk with Praveen Alva at The House of Tribes1) Who is Praveen Alva?
I’m a working architect in addition to being a singer-songwriter. My mother tongue, Tulu, is the language I compose and sing songs in, and I am interested in working with natural materials and techniques that are centred on the soil. I enjoy being artistically involved and I spend a lot of time learning about and teaching others about creative ways of life.

2) Where did you receive your formal education?
I have completed the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Architecture.

3) From the World of Architecture to Music? Which one is more significant?
The ability to freely and artistically express oneself is critical. Both Architecture and Music manage to keep me interested and engrossed. I find a lot of parallels between the two in terms of how we come up with ideas, how we investigate, and what we make. Both are currently generating something that is distinct to my perspective of the world by drawing energy from one another.

4) In what ways does music affect your life?
The act of writing music helped bring me closer to my heritage and the country. I started paying attention to items and thoughts that I had unconsciously picked up or accumulated during the course of my life as I was growing up. These things and concepts had been floating about in my head for years. For me, music is both a medium and a tool for reflecting my viewpoint on the world around and inside me.

5) Which musical instruments are essential to your life?
Guitar is a key essential. An instrument I cannot live without.

6) Who are some of your favourite musicians who serve as a daily source of inspiration for you?
Tinariwen, Avial, Led Zeppelin, Raghu Dixit, Parvaaz are some of them.

7) Can you tell me about any of your past mistakes?
Failure is a natural and inevitable component of the learning process, and while it may be a stage that need recalibrating and reinforcing, it is nonetheless an important and necessary one. I’ve learned to stop viewing failures as dead ends and instead view them as building stones to future experiences.

8) If you could eat anything, what would it be?
I am particularly fond of Chinese and other Asian cuisines.

9) Who is your celebrity idol?
Wamiqa Gabbi is somebody I workship. He is G.O.A.T

10) What are the five items that you absolutely cannot leave the house without?
A mobile phone, a sketchbook, a couple of pens, earphones, and the keys to the house

11) What would your ideal automobile be?
A automobile with a driver who is worn out from the constant driving in Bangalore.

12) Who or what serves as your fashion muse?
I adore flowers and designs, and I’ve been curious about various colours of green recently.

The Style Talk with Praveen Alva at The House of Tribes

The Style.World wishes Praveen Alva all the success in his musical career.


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