Suneet Rawat talks about his musical journey on Style Talk


Singer Suneet Rawat got his start in the industry at a tender age. The singer is from modest beginnings, with family ties to Uttrakhand and Chandigarh. Suneet discovered his passion for music through heavy metal. In school, he was exposed to metal music for the first time and became a fan. The vocalist’s talent was seen early on, and he stayed in India to pursue formal music training.

Suneet Rawat talks about his evolution from metal to sufi singing on Style Talk“There will always be obstacles, but I’ve learnt to overcome them”, the singer adds. He began his career in music education, where he taught music to elementary school students. To pursue his dream of becoming a singer, Suneet ignored the advice of his family and friends and went against the grain of society’s expectations and norms. The singer realised he wasn’t giving his musical career the attention it deserved after a period of time had passed. He knew he was destined for greater things, so he left his low-paying position as a music teacher to pursue other opportunities.

The musician, a self-proclaimed “mountain boy,” made the difficult decision to choose his own path in life. He got in a band, played several small venues, and had a tough time breaking through. His strong vocal talents made him a regular performer in the Chandigarh belt, where his renown quickly grew. His ability to sing in both Hindi and Pahari won him many devoted listeners. The singer’s collaboration with companies like McDowell’s and Mountain Dew on an All India Music Tour is one of her proudest professional accomplishments. The singer is happy of the time a customer saw him play in a pub and hired him for his wedding in Mumbai, even though he has done many concerts for large firms. The musician will be eternally indebted to the patrons who had faith in him and allowed him to spread his music across the country.

Suneet discussed his efforts to compose music on his own during an appearance on Style Talk. He and his guitar go back a long way, and they’ve spent that time making music together. The first of the singer’s three singles to be released was 2014’s Bulandi. The artist co-wrote the lyrics of Bulandi with his deity. He says that this song is a reflection of his dialogue with God. One day, Suneet was struggling to write a song and felt stuck until he remembered his chat with God and read the written book that had inspired him to write the song. Because of the nice people in his life, he is able to focus on the direction and production of his music without worrying about anything else.

Suneet’s passion for music has taken him far in life despite the many setbacks he’s experienced. He’s excited to build a name for himself in Goa’s music scene, which he’s now investigating. He values his job because it allows him to see the nation, meet interesting people, and expand his understanding of regional music, which he considers essential for any aspiring performer.

The musician’s appreciation for his friends, who have supported him throughout his career, was never in short supply. The musician mentioned his friends and the ways they helped and supported him often during his interviews with The Style.World.

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