Staying Fit – The Way Forward


Health. Fitness. Immunity. Important priorities as we move forward in the new normal of how we live. A necessary step in this direction is a need to overhaul our approach to fitness; starting from the kind of workouts we choose, to how we do them and where we do them. Health. Fitness. Immunity

Fitness programs have increasingly come to be associated with some or all of the following – rigorous and extreme workouts, tired and sore muscles, bodies struggling with exercise-related injuries and stress.

Your Commitment

Staying committed to your fitness program long-term should be the first priority. The basic reality, irrespective of claims made to the contrary, is that there is no short-term solution to losing weight, getting stronger, toned, fitter, faster, better.

Important Considerations

Our bodies are a work in progress. We all have different lifestyles, strengths, limitations, goals, health concerns etc. The workouts we choose should reflect our varied needs and be able to address them accordingly.

When deciding on your fitness program it is important to be realistic. Keep in mind the frequent changes that occur in our routines, be it weekly or monthly. These changes have an immediate bearing on our commitment towards the time, effort, and frequency of our workouts. Your fitness program should be able to maximise your efforts and have the flexibility to adapt and change to accommodate short-term considerations.

Staying Fit - The Way Forward

Workout Choices

A well-chosen fitness program enables you to become stronger, be fitter, minimise injuries and stresses, and build better immunity so as to be less susceptible to illness and disease. Unfortunately, far too often we see fitness choices based on currently trending workouts or enrolments in a number of varied classes, to keep boredom at bay.

Personal goals and fitness levels don’t seem to be the determining factors. Your workout is not meant to entertain you; we watch a movie, read a book, meet friends etc for that. Fitness cannot be a one size fits all approach, in an assembly-line manner. Nor is there any one perfect set of exercises that will provide equal results for all of us.

Intelligent Exercise

Personal Training workouts can be an ideal choice to optimize your fitness goals. An experienced personal trainer provides you with the benefit of customised programming for your specific goals and fitness levels. You have your trainer’s entire focus of instructions, cues and corrections that help engage your mind to provide a much more effective workout. And, in these unprecedented times, Personal Training workouts also address important considerations of social distancing, safety and hygiene.

Approach fitness in an intelligent, result oriented way with a focus on getting fit and building immunity – and not thinking of it as an unpleasant to-do or a means of socialising with friends.

Staying Fit - The Way Forward

By Anjali Sareen, Co-founder The Zone Mind & Body Studio. Anjali is a Master Trainer Education – Fitness and Pilates and has been in the fitness and rehab field for 30 years. Get more information on 

Staying Fit – The Way Forward

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