Something About June By The Popup Project


Something About June By The Popup Project

On the perfect weekend of summer, The Popup Project put together a very diverse collection of small brands ranging from clothing, jewellery to home decor and food. Leena and Sheema, of The Popup Project, curated this event at the Bangalore International Centre, Domlur on the 10th and 11th of June for a refreshing and rejuvenating experience as we walked through the numerous stalls that were one different from another.

  • Parapo

How disappointing is it to have your favourite drink made differently by every bartender! The founder of the Zivame, Kapil Karekar has come up with Parapo, a non-alcoholic Exotic Cocktail and Mocktail Premix to immerse yourself in drinks made by YOU! They have a wide palette of flavours like Tuscan Sun which is made of Orange Rind and Rosemary, Crimson Glow – made with Hibiscus, Lemongrass and Basil, and Autumn Caress that has the flavours of Pear and cinnamon. But the list does not end here and that’s why you need to check them out, probably at the next Popup Project.

Now, anybody can make a cocktail!


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  • T.Tattle

T.Tattle is an innovative jewellery brand that recycles metals and fabrics to make gorgeous earrings and showcased its beautiful creations at The Popup Project. Each jewellery piece had eye-catching designs that are vibrant, funky yet classy.  They have jewellery to match all your moods. Date night? Dainty, gold jewellery. Beach day? Shell neck pieces. Feeling abstract? Go crazy on the statement earrings! Jewellery for every mood!

  • Addoz

Addoz, present at The Popup Project, is a clothing brand that upcycles the waste by making innovative accessories and home decor. The zero waste initiative that the founder – Rajni Jajodia has taken up is inspiring. The designs are fresh, colourful, playful and original. 


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  • Truly Threadful

A macrame and fibre art brand that makes beautiful wall hangings to enhance any home space. The founder, Pinky Khonjuju handmakes all of her products that are made of natural and recycled cotton ropes. She aims to make her products 100% sustainable in the future. The line of products include bookmarks, curtain ties, and accessories like earrings too! 

  • The Marigold Kitchen

Soulful packets of little treats that are packed with nutrition and health benefits, The Marigold Kitchen is all about providing you with snacks, jams and food that reminds you of home. This Malayali Kitchen has over 10 different varieties of jams to tingle your taste buds that are Keto friendly! From sweet mango flavoured jam to sour Jamun flavours, The Marigold Kitchen has taken you on a flavourful journey everyday. The aroma of homemade spices like turmeric, chai masala and pickles gave our olfactory senses a nostalgic surprise.

  • Yagna foods

Calling out all the health conscious fitness enthusiasts to experience a flavourful burst in your mouth with Yagna Foods. This Bangalore based brand is founded by a mother-daughter duo who focus on making different kinds of spices from all over india. They have travelled all over India in search of hidden recipes of spices that are now available for us to enjoy! Dhardwad fried garam chutney powder, Madurai curry leaf chutney powder, Punjabi paneer tikka masala, Rajasthani kadai mix, Marathi groundnut chutney powder are a few to name. Pusti, a holistic pea protein health drink  is another highlight of the brand made to replace the whey protein with a naturally made powder of Indian traditional ingredients.


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  • Aakrithi Handlooms and More

Aakrithi handlooms and more is the story of a retired Air Force officer who now has a brand of hand-loomed clothing that are made in different parts of North India especially Kutch and Madhya Pradesh. The one of a kind fabrics woven by rural artisans to make suits, sarees, kaftans, dupattas are a treat to the eyes. Traditional fabrics like Ajrakh, Maheshwari and Chandheri were also spotted with beautiful designs. The conscious effort of the founder, Mithali, to give back the earning of the fabrics  to the artisans is inspiring and truly praise-worthy. 

  • Biglilpeople

Biglilpeople is a brand that was started as a weekend project and is now selling their clothing on big platforms like Myntra, FirstCry, Ajio, NykaaFashion and others. The brand exclusively works on kids garments made of linens and cotton. They are now expanding to adult wear as well. Matching pajamas for the family, comforters for babies (0 to 3 years old) that are handblock printed. The brand works closely with the weaver community directly from design to production. 


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  • Aadi Ithyadi

Aadi Ithyadi, literally translates to ‘etcetera’, sells sarees but we think they sell a story – A 6 yard length of cloth that has a story in its never ending folds. An attire that has “finite but infinite” ways of draping and styling, Aadi Ithyadi, showcases us the beauty of this traditional wear. The brand, which was quite popular at The Popup Project, has sarees ranging from chiffon, cotton to silk! Prints that are uniquely made for each sarees screams the brand’s authenticity.

  • Olives & Gold

Cruelty free, sustainable products made of faux leather that are durable and stylish, Olives & Gold is a brand that pushes us towards sustainable living. The brand has a range of bags that vary in designs, colours and flaunt minimalistic yet extremely functional structures. The brand currently has made its products available to their instagram shoppers who receive their products within 7-10 days. 


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Something About June by The Popup Project was an impeccable place where every stall, every brand had a story to tell. Be it about their inception or what future holds for them, the brand stories kept us entertained and exposed us to an inspiring force of people. With a conscious and sustainable approach each brand is trying to save the planet without compromising the modern need. 

Author: Srishti Shreekrishna 

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