Socks are more than just the blacks, the whites and the greys. They can accessorize your look and add an element of awe to your outfit. With socks swiftly drifting from a mundane devoir to a striking addition to the attire, let’s check what’s trending in the ‘SOCK’ market.

Socks are perhaps the last thing that might excite us while shopping, or while selecting what to wear for the day, but they indeed offer a large variety to add to your collection. With thousands of styles, cuts, sizes, shapes as well the purpose of wearing, socks are perhaps the most complex, whilst an intriguing purchase. Who could have ever thought that simply as per the length, you can get an umpteen variety of socks. Knee high socks, crew socks, half socks, ankle socks, no show socks, and the list still continues. Also, your purpose may define the material, offering you a wide spectrum of selection like wool, silk, cotton, nylon, and so on. 

Colours too have a role to play as you get to choose a pair from the Browns, the Creams, the Beiges, and a hoard of other neutral shades, whereas some maximalists might love to own animated pairs like dye and dye, neons, or the ones with eye-catching prints.

Purposeful socks are also an all together different category, which includes socks that are specially designed to serve a function. Like the anti-slip socks that are fabricated using materials which allow them to be used on slippery surfaces as they provide special grip to the feet. Then there are water-resistant socks, that obviously as the name suggests, prevent the feet from getting wet. 

But as much as we are aware and keep ourselves updated about the latest trends in fashion, do we even give a thought to what’s hot and new in the sock game? Well, you don’t need to answer that, as a majority of us never think of picking up socks for every reason and every occasion and boast of having an enviable sock collection. But the best part is, you can actually own an enormous array of socks to accentuate your style, without making a hole in your pockets. And, you will be taken by surprise with the endless variety that you can team up your outfits with.

One of the recent addition to the purposeful socks category, are the socks used for your winter expeditions. They are a worthwhile addition to your wardrobe, and a boon for your winter holidays. One of the most game-changing addition to the category of socks, they are a style statement by themselves. They are specially crafted to withstand the cold weather and retain the warmth, thus proving to be the best companions for your feet in the winters.

Apart from being a fashionable addition to your collection, these winter socks are extremely comfortable to wear for long hours. They are extremely durable and the material is washable for re-use, making them worth every penny. The shape and design of these socks, lets you flaunt them and add a character to your dressing. Moreover, they also provide a fine grip to your feet, thus making them suitable for the elderly as well. Blending innovation, style and performance, winter socks are here to stay for long, in the ever-changing and dynamic fashion world. So whenever you think of a winter holiday to a cold destination, do add winter socks to your checklist, to keep your feet warm, and make your holiday experience cozy.


Disclaimer: Authored Article by Ms. Bhavna V, Co-Founder,

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