Awadhi Cuisine At Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru By Chef Nadeem Qureshi: Experience The Authentic Flavours


Awadhi Cuisine At Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru By Chef Nadeem Qureshi Experience The Authentic Flavours

Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh is known for its opulent and graceful language, its chikankari, its rich cultural heritage and the heart swooning Awadhi cuisine. I remember visiting Lucknow and the very first thing that was on my checklist was to try the Galouti Kebabs and trust me, it does melt! 

The delectable Awadhi cuisine is not only the taste but the aroma that fills up our stomach, the presentation that makes our mouth water and the range that it offers to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. (Just thinking about it makes me hungry!

Living in Lucknow is a charm. The evening walks, the street food, the fragrant itar weaving its magic, hot tea, the murmurs of Lakhnawi Urdu and what not. But how many times can we go and roam around? Hence, bringing the essence of the city of Nawabs is CUR8 – Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru. 

The luxury hotel wants to tap all those foodie souls who have tried Awadhi food only to fall in love with it and those who are constantly on a hunt to try something new. The rich heritage of Awadhi Cuisine is introduced at CUR8 – Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru by Chef Nadeem Qureshi, a seventh generation Khansama from Lucknow. As an esteemed Indian Chef, Chef Nadeem brings his exceptional culinary legacy into the menu and serves it on the plate.

Awadhi Cuisine At Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru By Chef Nadeem Qureshi Experience The Authentic Flavours

Hailing from a rich heritage of Awadhi cuisine and having an extensive international experience and refined understanding of diverse culinary, traditional Indian flavours, and techniques, Chef Nadeem Qureshi is set to captivate the palates of all the visitors at Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru

Talking about his journey, Chef Nadeem says, “Growing up, I have witnessed my forefather working in the culinary industry. They used to work with ITC Hotel Group and went ahead to establish their own catering business. I started working alongside my father and now it has been 15 years since I have been working as a chef and travelling the world.”

Chef Nadeem Qureshi of CUR8, Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru has a deep rooted legacy in the culinary world. His ancestors were Royal chefs who have served generations of kings and various royal houses and hence each bite of his magical dishes transports you into a regal world.

With his expertise, Chef also gave a glimpse of how the diversity can be seen in the same recipe as we move to different regions of India. Talking about the unique offerings of Awadhi cuisine, Chef says, “Spices and the moment when they are added into a dish make a huge difference. A world renowned dish like Biryani differs from place to place, from cuisine to cuisine.”

He also adds, “At CUR8, we celebrate authenticity. We want to give the true taste of Awadhi cuisine to the Bangaloreans and help them explore the myriad options of it.”

Emphasising on the importance of spices in Awadhi Cuisine, Chef Nadeem also says, “I use unique authentic spices and I carry it with myself if I am visiting any place. To put forth the best of Awadhi cuisine, staying true to the spices is a must.”

With his entire family working at different places across the globe, Chef Nadeem himself has worked at Ritz Carlton – Macau, China, and was in Qatar working for a prominent hotel during the last FIFA World Cup. He has worked in Mumbai, Delhi, Macau, Qatar, Malaysia, Thailand, and many other countries and cities in the world. To bring the best in his food, Chef experiments with the presentation. Intertwining the old world flavours with contemporary presentation is a go to move about which he believes that every food has a story which has to give the glimpse of its root. 

“India has a rich heritage and people across the world love the flavours of it. When it comes to Awadhi cuisine, the richness of it is impeccable which cannot be replicated with ease. Moving across the globe, I always stayed true to my roots. I aim to bring the similar aspect in my food and each visitor of CUR8 – Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru will experience the same“, says the culinary master Chef Nadeem Qureshi.   

In frame: Chef Nadeem Qureshi and Ms Shrishti Jaiswal

The Awadhi cuisine at CUR8, Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru is a charm which will weave magic on you. The hotel and the chef wants us to try a variety of food that carries the flavour of Awadh. The menu keeps changing every Friday and has a wide range of Vegetarian and Nonvegetarian food, each of it curated to enchant your tastebuds. 

Author: Arshiya Gauhar

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