Virtual Assistants and personalization: Transforming Shopping with Virtual Assistants and Smart Algorithms


In today’s dynamic digital world, consumer expectations are higher than ever. Everybody is familiar with online shopping and personalisation. But how to use it efficiently is still underrated. The desire to personalise products and shopping experiences is in trend. Meeting these expectations is now a need, not an option. Fortunately, the integration of virtual assistants with AI algorithms is revolutionising, and this objective is accomplished with the changing times.

Virtual assistants have years of office management or administrative assistant expertise. Virtual assistants with expertise in shopping are anticipated to increase in popularity among shoppers. One of the most significant ways virtual assistants have revolutionised shopping is through personalised recommendations. They evaluate user data, which includes past purchases, browsing history, and preferences, suggesting products catered to individual tastes. Enhanced customer support, easy returns and exchanges, voice commerce, and 24/7 availability are a few ways virtual assistants have elevated the shopping experience.

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By Pooja Sodhi, Co-Founder and CEO of Combonation 

Understanding Virtual Assistants Algorithms

The Power of Virtual Assistants:

Artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual assistants can now do more than just create reminders and respond to simple questions. They have developed into savvy and engaging companions who recognise and anticipate the preferences of their customers.

Personalised Shopping

Virtual assistants create product recommendations that suit your interests by analysing your purchase history, browsing data, and even your stated preferences. Your product recommendations are only a chat away; you do not need to sort through alternatives.

Easy shopping experience

Virtual assistants create a bridge between the worlds of offline and online shopping. They help you to search for products online, check the availability in nearby stores, and even assist you through the checkout process. This seamless integration not only improves the entire purchasing experience but also saves time.

Superior Accessibility

The inclusivity of virtual assistants is a huge development in the buying behaviour of consumers. Through the use of technologies like voice commands, screen readers, and text-to-speech capabilities, they enable shopping for people with disabilities. This guarantees that everyone can make better use of personalised shopping.

Smart Customer Support

Earlier, customer support services were difficult to deal with. However, with virtual assistants and AI, the capacity to comprehend and respond to natural language has revolutionised the facet of buying. They can address queries, correct problems, and provide information with speed and precision, leaving the customer satisfied.

Creating A World-Class Shopping Experience: Croma

It is obvious to get persuaded in the digital world and invest in experiences that don’t really benefit customers or businesses. Croma, a renowned electronics retailer in India, has taken a great initiative to make sure that the experience leverages the distinctive strengths of both physical stores and web stores to help customers in a better way. Croma’s new addition to their company, Store at Home or Shop with Video, offers customers the best of both worlds. Customers can sit at home and buy from digital platforms with the help of virtual assistants, AI technology, and demos on video. The video demos with virtual assistance help increase customer engagement, which results in profitability for the customer as well as the company. Croma understands that no two customers are alike. What sets them apart is their ability to use AI-driven algorithms to provide personalised product recommendations. With Croma leading the way, the future of shopping for electronics looks brighter than ever.

Impact of Virtual Assistants and AI Algorithms in India

AI and virtual assistants are unmistakably an influence on the Indian market. They are promoting innovation across several industries as well as optimising procedures and improving customer shopping experiences. As India continues its digital transformation journey, the integration of AI and virtual assistants will play an increasingly vital role in shaping the future of the nation’s economy and society.

In this era of rapid technological advancement, India is well-positioned to make full use of the potential of virtual assistants and AI, making breakthroughs in industries like health care, education, finance, and agriculture. India is not only adapting to the change but also paving the way for more productivity, inclusivity, and a creative future with the help of revolutionary technologies.

Creating a Vast space for Incoming Entrepreneurs

For Indian businesses, the use of virtual assistants and AI technology is levelling the playing field. It lowers entry barriers, enables startups to compete with well-established companies, and promotes innovation across sectors. Entrepreneurs that leverage the potential of AI and virtual assistants will find themselves at the vanguard of a business environment that is fast altering as India continues to embrace new technologies. Indian entrepreneurs have an unrivalled chance to drive innovation, develop significant solutions, and establish profitable companies in this era of digital revolution. With the right vision and a strategic approach to integrating AI and virtual assistants, the possibilities for entrepreneurial success in India are limitless.


The landscape of personalised shopping experiences, product suggestions, and targeted marketing efforts is changing as a result of the arrival of virtual assistants and AI algorithms. Delivering personalised experiences that resonate with customers gives businesses a competitive edge. The function of virtual assistants and AI in personalisation will develop more as we go into this digital era. Effective use of these technologies will enable businesses to expand and succeed in a market that is becoming more and more focused on the needs of its customers. Embracing the power of virtual assistants and AI personalisation will transform the business and leave a lasting influence on customers.

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