Elevate Your Workwear Wardrobe With These Must-Have Shirts By The Bear House 


Elevate Your Workwear Wardrobe With These Must-Have Shirts By The Bear House 

If you’re spending most of your week at the office, there’s no reason to not look dapper every day be it your Monday morning presentation or Friday evening team dinner. Here are a few top-notch shirts recommendations from The Bear House that every guy must have in his wardrobe.

  • Solids

Make a crisp first impression with a solid style like the Atolla. This blend of cotton and linen will keep you sharp and comfortable, no matter how challenging your day gets. Other options to include are Peyote in a gorgeous teal and Stuco for the guy who likes to keep it minimal.

  • Stripes

The classic striped shirt has withstood the test of time. No matter what the fashion trend at the moment may be, a striped shirt never goes out of style. Make sure you own either Josh or Bien in your wardrobe. The subtle stripes with the pastel shades make for a look that is cool but yet very put together, and transitions effortlessly from formal to casual. For your Friday evening team drinks, Lara is your go-to.

  • Checks

Another seasonless staple is a checked shirt. Whether styled with chinos, over jeans, buttoned down or used as a layering piece over a solid basic t-shirt, this one will never lose its charm. The Bear House has a range of small and wide checked shirts in a palette of colours which suit everybody and personality. Check out Halluci, with classic tartan checks; Acura, small checks with darts at the back for a slim fit look; and Chanel, a flannel button-down style which also makes for a great layering piece.

The Bear House has perfected the ‘slim fit’ which ensures that the shirts look flattering on anyone who wears them. In addition to this, the brand lays emphasis on detailing such as the metal bear logo on the chest, curved hem with side gussets, self-fold plackets and more to elevate this wardrobe essential.

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