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The launch of Sayaanika is rooted in a passion for preserving and evolving the rich heritage of Indian bridal wear. Driven by a desire to redefine bridal fashion, Sayaanika was founded with a commitment to providing brides with not just garments, but cherished pieces that tell a story and celebrate the essence of their special day. Talking about the launch Bia Sandhu, the Co-Founder of The Wedding Concierge said, “To launch Sayaanika in Bangalore was extremely close to my heart as they blend traditional styles for bridal wear with modern fashion through elegance, opulence and sophistication. As the Co Founder of The Wedding Concierge this was the perfect collaboration to kickstart our vision together and showcase Bangalore what’s in store for them.”

In the recent Style Talk, the brand unveils its ideology and what it is aiming to achieve.

Take a look:

  • What is the brand’s unique selling proposition (USP) that sets it apart from other bridal wear brands?

Our USP is that our brides express their individuality through our garments with a focus on designing, exceptional customer service, and a transparent process, Sayaanika aims to be a unique and memorable choice in the competitive bridal wear market.

  • What is the brand’s vision for the future of bridal wear in India?

We want to blend traditional styles with modern fashion and make sure no bride is left out. We want to ensure to provide diverse taste, body types, cultural heritage and evolve with changing dynamics.

  • How does Sayaanika define ‘elegance’ and ‘sophistication’ in the context of bridal wear?

Elegance is something like “tastefully simple, graceful, timeless aesthetic and a sense of poise.” Sophistication would be “luxurious fabrics, intricate details, complexity and a polished appearance.”

  • What is the target audience for Sayaanika’s bridal wear collections?

We typically will focus on the bride to be (if any age factors it would be 20’s – 40’s) we also consider that there will be style conscious brides, traditional brides, contemporary and unconventional brides to work with.

  • What design principles and inspirations guide the creation of Sayaanika’s bridal wear?

Our design principles are rooted in the celebration of femininity, aiming to empower brides with confidence and grace on their special day. Our inspiration is from diverse cultural elements, translating them into exquisite embroideries, patterns, and textures that reflect a global yet deeply rooted aesthetic. We work tirelessly together to choose our best style to create a lasting legacy in the world of bridal couture. Like for our current collection our inspiration comes from the “mother of pearl”

  • How does Sayaanika incorporate traditional Indian craftsmanship into its modern bridal wear designs?

We take our inspiration from the rich Indian culture and we work with our artisans very closely to ensure that our designs are always having its roots but also making it chic for the new age brides.

  • What role do fabrics and embellishments play in enhancing the elegance of Sayaanika’s bridal wear?

We source high-quality fabrics renowned for their comfort and longevity, ensuring brides not only look stunning but feel at ease on their special day.
Embellishments we use are intricate zardozi work, subtle sequin detailing, or handcrafted motifs, each embellishment is a carefully curated element that contributes to the narrative of the bridal ensemble. And that’s why we do not compromise on the quality of fabrics and embellishments we use because whenever a bride sees her garment she will remember the day she wore it and how happy she has been ever since.

  • How does Sayaanika cater to the diverse styles and preferences of Indian brides?

We always listen to our brides views, we don’t compromise on delivering the right fit, we do not copy or plagiaries, we make sure that the bride gets the best, all these put together make us good at what we do. The fusion of cultural influences in unconventional styles resonates with the brides taste.

  • What trends and innovations does Sayaanika look forward to introducing in the bridal wear industry?

We want to make timeless fashion that will aide the bride’s to use our garments over and over again by styling it differently. We want to create something that is always unique and foster a sense of exclusivity.

  • Tell us about Customer Experience and Engagement.

We offer exceptional customer experience and engagement by offering personal consultation and styling the bride. We also have an online store where the brides have a detailed description of the garments available. We value customer feedback as we use it to enhance our overall experience.

  • How does Sayaanika ensure that each bride has a personalized and memorable shopping experience?

When a bride walks in we make sure we understand her what she’s looking for before we start giving our views. We have garments that will suit every bride being it simple, classy and elegant or loud and extravagant. We also sit with our bride and work with combined effort closely that she has a huge smile when she wears a “Sayaanika” attire.

  • What services does Sayaanika offer to assist brides in selecting the perfect bridal ensemble?

We make sure we get the requirements from the bride and try to incorporate their likes in the silhouette and the embroidery of the outfit, making sure they are comfortable in our intricately curated pieces.

  • How does Sayaanika incorporate technology and digital platforms into its bridal wear shopping experience?

Sayaanika currently has a website through which customers can place an order. But we are developing something new and exciting to make the shopping seemless.

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  • What role does social media play in Sayaanika’s brand engagement and marketing strategy?

As we all know, social media plays a huge role these days for promoting and getting recognized as a well known brand. We have been actively using platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest to get traction and trust.

  • How does Sayaanika plan to foster a loyal customer base among Indian brides?

As a brand, we are a family and tend to interact with our customers as a family, so we ensure the brides are satisfied and happy on the D-day.


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