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Worried about keeping your home safe? Look beyond clunky, complex security systems! EZVIZ offers a range of cutting-edge smart cameras designed for ultimate security and ease of use. Whether you live in a bustling city or a quiet suburb, EZVIZ has the perfect camera for your needs. From compact indoor models with crystal-clear night vision to weatherproof outdoor cameras with 360° coverage, discover the freedom of remote monitoring and peace of mind that comes with EZVIZ. Unleash the power of smart home security – read on to explore the diverse range of EZVIZ cameras and find the perfect match for your home!


  • EZVIZ C1C-B:

C1C-B, a compact indoor WiFi camera that enables unparalleled home safety not only at its best, but also in the most accessible way! The flagship model supports full-HD night vision range of 12-meter (40 ft.), helping customers capture incredible low-light shots without creating light pollution. It comes with advanced H.265 video compression technology. The DIY installation design enables customers to configure the camera with ease and utilise it to its utmost potential. Its upgraded positioning stem on the base also makes it more flexible, hence allowing customers to get the desired viewing angle, the product offers user-friendly audio alerts. The two-way audio enables customers to talk to their family members while being away. The cameras are also integrated with voice commands which support Alexa, Google, and Assistance & IFTTT.


  • IN THE BOX: C1C-B Camera, USB Cable, 3-Meter Power Adapter, Foam Sticker, Metal Plate, Regulatory Information and Quick Start Guide
  • AVAILABLE IN: Amazon and offline
  • EZVIZ TY1:

EZVIZ TY1, Wi-Fi Pan & Tilt Camera in India. It is a 4MP camera, a 360-degree field of vision along with H.265 Video Technology, 1080 video capture is supported for crisp, clear footage, and smart tracking functions that will let users monitor their property all the time with 2k resolution. By minimising areas of overexposure in the video display for sharper night time surveillance of up to 10 metres, EZVIZ TY1 significantly enhances night vision. Other features include an onboard MicroSD slot with support for cards up to 256 GB, sleep mode for privacy protection, supports Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz, an RJ45 port, a Micro USB port for power, encrypted data transfer between the camera and the EZVIZ Cloud, and support for NVRs (specific brands only).


  • COLOR & PRICE: EZVIZ TY1 camera comes only in White color and is priced at ₹4500/-
  • AVAILABLE IN: Across official channel partners. EZVIZ has 30+ Service center across India with dedicated toll free number for instant support
  • EZVIZ C6N:


C6N with 2K QUAD HD security camera caters to medium scale business like Café Owners, Restaurants, Hospitals, Shops, Small Malls etc. 2K quality, the device offers users with a wide range of features such as – Smart Night Vision (up to 10m / 33ft.), Motorized Pan and Tilt for 360° Visual Coverage, Sleep Mode for Privacy Protection, Motion Detection Smart Tracking, View from Anywhere Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz, Two-Way Talk, the newly launched product covers every corner – all day and all night! This powerful camera boasts a 4x digital zoom for the newest versions, which allows users to view everything clearly in live video and playback. The camera has no blind spots, The C6N employs a micro SD card with a maximum storage capacity of 256GB for storage. The C6N uses an H.265 algorithm, which offers greater video quality with half the bandwidth and storage.

  • COLOR & PRICE: EZVIZ C6N 2K Quad HD Resolution camera comes only in White color and is priced at ₹4249/-
  • AVAILABLE IN: Across official channel partners. EZVIZ has 30+ Service center across India with dedicated toll free number for instant support
  • EZVIZ C8C:

EZVIZ C8C is an “Outdoor Pan/Tilt Camera” packed with unique features. The orb-shaped C8C is appealing and compact enough to fit in any room of the house and retail shops. A 360-degree field of vision makes it simple for the camera to capture views of broad outside areas where other traditional outdoor cameras cannot reach. The camera has a microphone with noise cancellation. To see and hear what’s happening, users may effortlessly control the C8C using the EZVIZ App on their smartphone. Additionally, the C8C includes two exterior antennas for improved Wi-Fi connectivity. It also has a weatherproof enclosure, due to which it will continue to function well even in extreme weather conditions such as wind, rain, or snow. The C8C has two built-in spotlights and a full-color night vision mode to address the problem of late-night monitoring that plagues the entire business. Even at night, the EZVIZ C8C provides vivid pictures by lighting the surrounding area. The EZVIZ C8C comes with 3-night vision modes, 1: Full color night vision mode it which lit up and vividly restoring to full-color thanks to two built-in spotlights and professional optical lenses, 2: Black & white night vision mode when you don’t need extra lighting, you can switch the camera to the black & white night vision via the EZVIZ App and still see 30 meters (100 ft.) away. And the 3: Smart night vision mode which detect movement and change the video display from monochrome to full color when motion is detected.


  • PRICE: EZVIZ C8C Outdoor Pan/Tilt Wi-Fi Camera is priced at ₹6999
  • AVAILABLE IN: Offline stores across India &

EZVIZ EB3 & EZVIZ CB3, are part of EZVIZ’s standalone smart home battery camera segment. EZVIZ EB3 & EZVIZ CB3 cameras are incredibly simple to operate and offer strong performance for outdoor security with 2K and 1080p resolution, respectively. They come equipped with a 5200 mAh rechargeable battery that may operate steadily for up to 120 days on a single charge. Furthermore, a solar charging panel will be soon available that will help keep the camera charged for longer durations. However, this is subject to use and will thus allow 40 triggers per day as per motion detection. Hence, the cameras can practically travel anyplace close to the users’ home such as residential surroundings or the neighbourhood, without any complicated wiring or high installation costs. Additionally, these battery cameras offer up to 15 metres of far-reaching colour night vision, where users may select between the colour mode and the infrared mode according to their preferences. Furthermore, the PIR sensor and person shape detection algorithm enables it to differentiate between people and running pets or other moving objects. Users can also secure their recorded moments on a local microSD card of up to 256GB, or enjoy extra data protection by subscribing to EZVIZ CloudPlay for fully encrypted cloud storage.

  • IN THE BOX (EZVIZ EB3) – EB3 Camera, Screw Base, USB Cable, Mounting plate, Drill Template, Screw Kit, Regulatory Information, Quick Start Guide
  • IN THE BOX (EZVIZ CB3) – CB3 Camera, Screw Base, USB Cable, Mounting plate, Drill Template, Screw Kit, Regulatory Information, Quick Start Guide
  • PRICE: EZVIZ EB3 & CB3 battery cameras are priced MRP ₹8000/-
  • AVAILABLE IN: Offline & Online

Invest in peace of mind with EZVIZ, the future of smart home security. This innovative brand delivers a range of cameras packed with features, from crystal-clear night vision and intelligent motion detection to convenient voice control and two-way talk. Whether you’re a tech-savvy homeowner or seeking an easy-to-use solution, EZVIZ caters to every need. Browse their diverse range, find the perfect camera for your budget and lifestyle, and experience the unparalleled security and convenience of a smart home. Visit the EZVIZ website or authorized retailers today to take your home security to the next level!


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