Popkast with Garima: Revitalising Indian podcasting with a pop of entertainment 


Podcasting has gone mainstream and the audio industry is literally on a boom! With more than 850K podcasts, the field continues to grow, so will the opportunities for content creators. Popkast with Garima is commissioned by Hubhopper, India’s largest audio platform. The podcast is first interactive pop culture podcast. An unapologetic and badass show, talking about the taboo, breaking the Stree-o-type, opining on everything. From everyday millennial drama to social norms, from 90’s music to all things woke. Hosted by self-proclaimed know-it-all and expert of nothing, PopKast with Garima, ensures that you get your weekly dose of sass and everything that your parents forgot to teach you about life!

Popkast with Garima: Revitalising Indian podcasting with a pop of entertainment 

Garima says, “I started listening to podcasts two years ago that’s when I realised that most podcasts were pretty similar in nature and format – long, loaded with data, and zero audience engagement. I wanted to disrupt the podcast paradigm by still talking about the relevant topics, but in a fun two-way banter with my listeners. On the show I opine on everything millennial, break the Stree-o-type with woke references from pop culture and old Bollywood dialogues. Infact, all episodes on the podcast are names of weird Hindi movies with vintage posters and much nostalgia! Some of the episodes are called Dhoti, Lota Aur Chowpatty, Murde ki Jaan Khatre Mein. There are fun segments where listeners have to guess famous 90’s songs and a whole Popkast playlist to hook on to in the times of Masakali 2.0.”

So, basically a podcast revamped and packaged with a lot of dope and sprinkled with sass! Voila! Her latest episode on 420 has sparked conversations across leading news portals and websites. 420 is considered as an occasion for smoking or celebrating the smoking of cannabis. But cannabis is so much more than just smoking the herb. Did you know that? To talk about the same, the episode features a Cannabis activist and Hemp-prenuer gyanning us about the MJ plant and something cool that he is building for the ecosystem – Terraphilic! An expert reveals some uber cool fun facts about India’s history with the plant, it’s medicinal benefits and how this miraculous plant can give us all – Roti, Kapda, Makaan but in the most sustainable fashion. The episode is super fun and a light listen!

Hemp’s uses are kaleidoscopic and has innate power to build a better future. From clothes, to using hemp seeds in food – one seed contains 25% more protein and more omega-3 oils than walnuts to pain relief, hemp cooking oil which is better than any oil. Hemp is a great bio-fuel too. Hemp fibre is among the most durable and versatile of all-natural textile fibres. Infact, hemp has even been used to decontaminate soil around the Chernobyl disaster. This nine-thousand-year-old wonder crop of the Himalayas can transform the future but is unfortunately still illegal in India. The episode also draws light on the loopholes that are present in our law regarding cannabis. India has a rich history with the plant, we all know about bhaang, that’s nothing but the flower of the plant. Hemp is definitely the sustainable way forward and it is high time to raise awareness on the same.

Garima Surana is a self-proclaimed expert of nothing and loves to talk rant on all things pop. Her podcast, Popkast with Garima – A Hubhopper Original (India’s largest audio platform) is available for streaming on Hubhopper, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and all other major podcasting platforms as well as on the website. When not scrolling on Instagram, she can be found reading about art and culture. Garima hosts India’s first interactive pop culture podcast. As it is April 2020 also (4-20) Garima, has contributed the third episode to millennials who are developing mixture of hemp hurds and lime, sand, or pozzolans, which is used as a material for construction and insulation. This is called Hempcrete, which is extremely sustainable! The love for 420 in India is silent yet violent types. There are consumers and dedicated ones too!

 Link: Episode 3: BOOM: the one that got us high FEAT. An Anon  ymous user

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Popkast with Garima: Revitalising Indian podcasting with a pop of entertainment

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