Personalise your favourite incense


Cycle Pure Agarbathies launches personalised incense fragrances with MyIncense 

Personalisation has become a way of life. People love exclusivity, especially, when it is tailor-made to cater to their taste. For the first time in the country, incense customisation service was launched in Bengaluru to cater to an individual’s preferences. Cycle Pure Agarbathies, the world’s largest manufacturer of incense and prayer products, introduced MyIncense, a first-of-its-kind offering in the market that allows you to customise every attribute of your incense to suit your personal preference. It was launched by Ramesh Aravind, Indian Actor and Arjun Ranga, Managing Director, Cycle Pure Agarbathies with an aim to create a unique experience through hyper-personalisation.

Personalise your favourite incense

Available across the country on, the brand offers customisation in four different categories: Fragrance-based, Deity-based, Festival/occasion-based and Experience-based. All aspects of the incense can be personalised- the shape of the stick, the fragrance and the intensity of the fragrance. The brand also lets you choose your own label and message on the package delivering a sense of ownership to the users.

Speaking about the latest offering, Arjun Ranga, Managing Director, Cycle Pure Agarbathies said, “FMCG as an industry has been rooted firmly on the concepts of standardization, mass manufacturing, and economies of scale. Also, conventional thinking always says that incense is a low involvement product for consumers. With MyIncense, we intend to change this and cater to each individual’s personal preferences. One unique pack of custom incense at a time. You can enjoy the process of designing your incense with a few clicks and having it home delivered. For us at Cycle Pure Agarbathies, custom incense is a way of home delivering happiness to our consumers. We want to enhance every experience – from offering prayers to connect to the divine or tuning into one’s spirituality. MyIncense ensures greater consumer engagement and satisfaction on many levels. We believe that MyIncense is the future of fragrance”

Commenting on MyIncense, actor Ramesh Aravind, said, “This is a truly unique initiative by Cycle Pure Agarbathies. In an age where almost everything can be customised, the time has come for incense to be personalised. As a consumer, I would love to experience a fragrance of my preference, something I can associate with, on a daily basis. The experiences that the brand is delivering just through customised fragrances are incredible and totally enjoyable.”

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