Paris Fashion Week 2024 – Indians Ruling Paris Couture Week’24


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Paris Fashion Week 2024 was a big hit amongst all the fashionistas. It gained more cheers from people across the globe for portraying more Indian faces rather than having the European fashion Biggies only. It is time to celebrate the fashion portrayed by the Indians on a global platform. 

Paris Fashion Week is known to be the platform where you can grow and portray your entire life work in one go. To gain on the achievements Indian Fashion Designers, models, and Actors have influenced the crowd of the global platform by avoiding the shadows of the European fashion heads. Indian designers and models lit up the ramp with grand designs and spectacular colours, brilliant craftsmanship, heritage, and a swift touch of modern values. 

Let us go around with applause for all the amazing actors, designers, and models who carried the name of our country on the global platform. 

Gaurav Gupta:

This Indian Designer is known for his experimenting with the cuts and sculpting art on fabrics. His designs have always made a statement and he has reinvented Indian craftsmanship every single time. 

In Paris Fashion Week’24 Gaurav Gupta laid out his collection ‘Aarohanam’ full of cropped jackets, capes, trench coats, and sculpted metal structures over the garments. He used the traditional techniques of India to reproduce his craft such as zardozi, badla, and Mukaish .

gaurav gupta

Image Source: Gaurav Gupta- Instagram

Gaurav Gupta:.

Source: Gaurav Gupta- instagram

Lakshmi Menon: 

With 15 years of experience under her wings, Lakshmi Menon walked out to be the only woman to be walking for Pharrell William’s Louis Vuitton in Paris Fashion Week 2024. Menon is one of India’s most successful supermodels, with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

lakshmi menon

Rahul Mishra: 

Rahul Mishra reflects on the future in Paris Fashion Week: How will children discover the stories of insects? Will their encounters be limited to Petri dishes in biology labs? Will they be comfortable observing a dragonfly flutter past or a reptile scurrying away without jumping in fright? The collection prompts contemplation on the evolving relationship between humans and nature. 

Ananya Pandey: Ananya Pandey:  Rahul Mishra

Ananya Pandey:

Actor Ananya Panday made her debut in Paris Fashion Week debut at Rahul Mishra‘s show. She wore a strapless black and gold mini-dress with a butterfly-embroidered giant sieve. Her Look was Styled by Rhea Kapoor.

Ananya Pandey (3) Ananya Pandey (2) Ananya Pandey

Avanti Nagrath: 

Model Avanti Nagrath looked sharp in a grey lapel-collared blazer with a corseted waist for Dior at Paris Fashion Week. She paired the blazer with a pleated skirt in the same color and a latte makeup look. 

Avanti Nagrath

Dhruv Kapoor: 

Dhruv Kapoor’s Fall 2024 menswear collection, shown during the Paris Fashion Week 2024, was inspired by the idea of creating a utopian world where opposites collide with harmony, peace, balance, and love

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All in all, Indians blazed up the Paris Fashion Week 2024 and it was a grand hit for the Indians on the global platform. This only shows that we have so much to show on so many platforms and we can run along with the maestros of the fashion industry at any given time. 


By :Shravya

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