Obeetee Carpets in association with Tissage launches Impasto Collection 


Obeetee Carpets, the leading manufacturer of handcrafted carpets and rugs in India, is proud to present its latest collection, Impasto, in collaboration with Tissage, another distinguished rug atelier in the home furnishing industry. The collection will be showcased for the first time at Obeetee Carpet’s Delhi flagship store at MG Road on May 12th, 2023. The refined textures and tasteful designs of this collection evoke a sense of understated opulence that is sure to elevate any living space.

The collection draws inspiration from the impasto style of painting, where paint is applied thickly on the canvas, creating a three-dimensional effect that adds texture and depth to the painting. This style of painting was popularized by artists like Vincent Van Gogh in the 20th century, the Impasto rug collection uses similar philosophy to create texture and depth in the rug.  

Each design in the collection is created by layering multiple sketches of motifs one on top of another. The result is a rug that has a three-dimensional effect that adds visual interest to any setting. The collection is a true testament to the creativity and innovation that can be achieved in the world of rug making.  

The rugs in the Impasto collection feature a shimmery mix of various kinds of wools and silks and use a new innovative cross-knitting technique to simulate extra depth in certain areas. The motifs used in this rug are inspired by Japanese charcoal art. The juxtaposition of these beautiful motifs on top of an abstract canvas makes for a compelling and dramatic expression of the designer’s vision.  

Speaking about the collection, Ms. Angelique Dhama, CEO, Obeetee Carpets – Retail, said, “The Impasto collection is a beautiful and unique addition to our range of handmade rugs. It is a true testament to the creativity and innovation that can be achieved in the world of rug making. We are delighted to collaborate with Tissage to bring this stunning collection to our customers. The collection’s unique design philosophy uses the latest techniques to create a stunning and distinctive collection that will make a statement in any space. The Impasto collection is a tribute to the creativity and craftsmanship of artisans, and we are excited to showcase it at our Delhi showroom.” 

Further to the launch, Mr Nikhil Kapoor, Creative Director, Tissage added, “Handmade rugs are being completely reimagined and have become a canvas for telling stories. They offer a means for expression, much like any other revered art form. The Impasto collection is one such treasured expression for our creative team at Tissage. We have pulled in elements from our archives that span four generations of rug design. Layers of motifs are juxtaposed on top of each other as an ode to the masters of the eponymous painting style. Certain motifs have been disproportionally scaled up for dramatic effect, all done to ensure that each rug from the collection becomes the centerpiece of the space that it inhabits.” 

The launch of the Impasto collection is an exciting moment for Obeetee Carpets and Tissage, who share a passion for creating unique and stunning creations that showcase the beauty of handmade carpets. The collection is sure to be a hit among audiences who appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into creating these stunning pieces. 

Visit the Obeetee showroom in Delhi on May 12th to witness the launch of the Impasto collection and experience the beauty and innovation of hand-knotted rugs first-hand. 

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