Navrathan Gallery – shout out to all the artists, a place not to be missed


Navrathan Gallery – shout out to all the artists, a place not to be missed

Navarathan means “nine gems”, which is a dream vision of Gautham Chand Ji owner of Navrathan Jewellers. He seeks to showcase diverse art forms. The idea was to bring upcoming thoughts, proposals as well as discourses in various art fields to the fore on the leading platform. Navarathan aims to provide a space for art enthusiasts, marketers and collectors to interact and also explore the emerging talents.

The art show that was held from November 29 to December 14, was organised by the Artwaley group to promote art in Bengaluru.

प्रद्युतित“- “Beginning to shine” is an art group show of 48 artists across India. Kapil Kapoor, the principal curator of Navrathan Gallery, says that every artist is special. He also added, “An artwork is not just capable of holding a perception of the artist but it also holds the perception of the viewer.” Artwork can motivate, provoke, inspire and makes you think and contemplate as well. The work which is displayed at the exhibition strikes a conversation with the viewer and make them think. In new contemporary world of art, our aim is to bring the most talented artists, who are uncut diamonds and gems of the Indian Art scenario”, he says.

The gallery had Mayor M Goutham Kumar and deputy mayor Ram Mohan Raju CR, who wished the artists. Prof. Akumal Ramachandran was also resent for the opening of this beautiful concept. The place also saw the very famous cartoonist and illustrator Uday Shankar who presented a demonstration during the exhibition.

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