Luxury At Your Feet With Red Beryl

Luxury At Your Feet With Red Beryl : Manoj Adlakha & Manoviraj Khosla

In Frame: Manoj Adlakha & Manoviraj Khosla

Red Beryl Lifestyle Services is a pioneer in the luxury lifestyle and personalized services sector.  The organization was created on a mission that goes beyond standard norms in order to re-define the essence of luxury via experiences. It could be access to elegant fine dining experiences or VIP entrance to one-of-a-kind events taking place all around the world. The company’s inaugural event which took place on Aug 5th 2023 in Gurugram, also included the gathering of celebrities such as Boney Kapoor, Kapil Dev, and Mandira Beedi among others. The evening was adorned with captivating stage performances by Virtuosos Stewart Copeland known for his association with the legendary Band. The three -times Grammy Award winner Ricky Kej captivated the audience with his soulful beautiful performance.

The objective of Red Beryl Lifestyle is to inspire people to live their lives with meaning and positive. The company provides its “Red Beryl Lifestyle Card” which caters to a wide range of lifestyle requirements such as exploratory travel trips, personal assistance services, and a number of other solutions.

  • Red Beryl Lifestyle Services also offers cruise round-trip, private aircraft, and vacations. Currently, the company operates in 85 Indian cities and 25 overseas locations. With connections at over 600 global airports and a thick network of over 3000 elite clubs globally, Red Beryl offers a seamless and luxurious lifestyle where every part of the services is treated with the highest care. Red Beryl Lifestyle Card guarantees the support of a specialized offers to their consumers. Their membership is divided into 2 categories Red card and Black card.
  • RedBerylTm Curated Delights: Attentive connections will be provided to you with a greater degree of service.  There professional Relationship Manager will provide individualized attention and seamless service, taking care of all your needs and preferences. There personal Care taker lifestyle manager is available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to all of your lifestyle demands and assure consistent service delivery. Discover the peak of luxury travel customisation.
  • RedBerylTM Fine Dining: Dinning service is also available where once every six months, you can treat yourself to unforgettable dining experience a free meal. Diners eat for free at the ultimate dining experience. Involve in an amazing dining experience with exclusive savings of 50%* for two, 33%* for three, and 25%* for four or more.
  • Exclusive Entertainment: If you love sports then grab the opportunity and grab the greatest seats for the biggest event.  Members-only access to VIP boxes and red-carpet hospitality at the top sporting events. Get an exclusive access to over 200 of the world’s top venues and VIP experiences.

Attend VIP events and the most desirable nightlife experiences. Skip the queue with complimentary guest list access and secure VIP table bookings, ensuring a night of pure lavish with Red Beryl Lifestyle Services.

By: Nikitha

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