Love Letters in Luxury: Gift HER a Valentine’s Day She’ll Never Forget


Love Letters in Luxury Gift HER a Valentine's Day She'll Never Forget (5)

Valentine’s Day is the one day dedicated to celebrating love in all its lovely forms. But let’s be honest: selecting the ideal present for her can be like climbing Mount Everest in flip-flops. Fear not, lovebirds! This year, forego the traditional chocolates and roses in favor of truly unusual and considerate presents that will make her heart skip a beat.

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  • ETUDE Glow Fixing Tint

Etude, recognized for its fascinating and unique beauty products, has a lovely selection of Valentine’s Day presents that perfectly combine romance, skincare, and makeup. Celebrate the magic of the Day of Love with a lip stain that not only captivates with its long-lasting attractiveness but also adds a hint of radiant glamour. Our go-to glowy lip stain is created to be the ideal partner for those love-filled times, enhancing your lips with a pleasant glassy finish that gradually intensifies the glow.

Price: Rs.1396.

Love Letters in Luxury Gift HER a Valentine's Day She'll Never Forget (4)

  • O3+ Glow Combo.

O3+ has a beautiful selection of Valentine’s Day gift ideas that go beyond standard offerings, emphasizing self-care and radiant beauty. Elevate your love celebration with O3+’s expertly crafted skincare packs, which are designed to pamper and refresh. This Valentine, offer this O3+ glow Combo to your loved ones. This Glow combo includes O3+ Glow cream, Night Repair Cream, and Vitamin A Cream.

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  • Irasva’s Valentines Day Collection

Love is a language spoken by the heart, and this Valentine’s Day, Irasva Fine Jewellery allows you to communicate your most profound emotions through the art of timeless gifting. Indulge in the grandeur of our uniquely designed accessories for her. Our collection pays respect to the amazing women who make every moment unique, with delicate heart-shaped pendants echoing the rhythm of love and elaborately made bracelets celebrating the beauty of connection.

Available at stores in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad
Price: On request.

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  • Frederic Constant’s Classic Slimline Ladies Moonphase

Frederique Constant gets ready to launch a stunning collection of timepieces just in time for Valentine’s Day. More than just accessories, these clocks express love and respect through beauty and innovation. The Classic Slimline Ladies Moonphase has firmly established itself as Frederique Constant’s hallmark design, exemplifying simplicity, refinement, and affordability. With an emphasis on expanding the client base for Swiss-made luxury watches, this collection includes timepieces measuring under 30 mm and oozing charm and femininity. It will serve as a timeless companion for years to come, representing the brand’s dedication to classic and sophisticated watchmaking for ladies.

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  • Neal’s Yard Remedies: Women’s Balance Range

Neal’s Yard Remedies encourages you to celebrate love and well-being with our carefully picked selection of gifts. This season, show your love with our carefully curated items made to pamper and revive. Indulge the important woman in your life with our Women’s Balance Range, which is a balanced blend of natural substances designed to promote wellness. From our balancing aromatherapy blend to nourishing skincare basics, this collection honors her vitality and balance.

Love Letters in Luxury Gift HER a Valentine's Day She'll Never Forget (1)

  • Sunglasses from Opium Eyewear

Looking for the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift that combines love and style? Look no farther than Opium Eyewear! Browse their collection of vivid colors to lend romance and liveliness to any look. The Fadewave Sunglasses, with their brilliant colors and innovative technology, are ideal for you. Want something a little pinker? Check out the Mayhem or Athena styles, which are sure to turn heads. If your sweetheart prefers an edgy look, Opium has them covered with the Hallow, Phosphene, and Embassyall statement pieces they’ll adore. Finally, the Infinity and Icelight sunglasses exude sleek refinement. No matter your style, Opium Eyewear offers the perfect Valentine’s Day present.



Love Letters in Luxury Gift HER a Valentine's Day She'll Never Forget (1)

  • Lancôme Idôle – the epitome of French luxury in the world of cosmetics

Experience a sumptuous getaway with Lancôme Idôle, a fragrance that represents empowerment, sophistication, and lasting love. Celebrate your uniqueness and boost your inner confidence with this enticing blend of brilliant roses, jasmine, and chypre, which creates a beautiful floral symphony that lasts long after the last spritz. Idôle is more than a fragrance; it’s a statement. It’s the ideal gift for yourself or a loved one, creating a path of elegance and instilling passion with each touch. This Valentine’s Day, let Lancôme work with you to spread love and happiness.

Pricing :
  • Idole Eau De Parfum 25ML – INR 4,000
  • Idole Eau De Parfum 50ML – INR 6,500
  • Idole Eau De Parfum 100ML – INR 9,500
Website Link :
Instagram :
Love Letters in Luxury Gift HER a Valentine's Day She'll Never Forget (2)

YSL Beauty takes love a step further and bolder, celebrating Valentine’s Day like never before. Beyond norms, conventions, and genders. The unique Valentine’s Day collection, which includes LIBRE and Y Eau de Parfums, tells a new and innovative love story that defies traditional standards. Libre and Y Eau de are the sole characters in this special presentation, expressing the spirit of a love that defies expectations and goes beyond conventional boundaries. Each product for this celebration adds to the story, providing a distinct and engaging take on love that is both modern and transformative. The collection not only shows the beauty and creativity of YSL’s creations, but it also inspires individuals to embrace a free-spirited, unorthodox love narrative and filled with the audacity to challenge the norm.

Love Letters in Luxury Gift HER a Valentine's Day She'll Never Forget (1)

  • Legend Amrapali
Legend Amrapali jewelry transcends mere adornment; it is a symbol of profound love and devotion. From intricately detailed necklaces to delicately crafted rings, each piece tells a story of timeless romance and enduring commitment.

Price: Starting INR 11,900

Available at :

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  • GAP

GAP combines traditional elegance and current sensitivity to create unforgettable apparel for everyone. GAP’s quality hoodies, coats, and shirts have a timeless appeal, representing comfort, style, and versatility for any occasion. Celebrate the spirit of love this Valentines day with GAP’s broad collection of attractive and flexible clothes. There’s something for everyone as you shimmy your way into the Valentines day!

Price on request

Available At: In-stores across the country and

Love Letters in Luxury Gift HER a Valentine's Day She'll Never Forget (5)

  • ECCO

ECCO A premium Danish footwear brand with a strong 60-year history. From classic leather shoes to flexible sneakers and comfy winter boots, ECCO provides a diverse selection of alternatives to fulfill the needs of footwear consumers looking for the right gift for their loved ones this Valentines day. Make a statement this love season with ECCO’s comfy shoes, which seamlessly combine fashion and functionality. These sneakers provide unrivaled support and style, whether you’re celebrating outdoors or wishing your loved ones comfort and luxury.

Price: INR 14,999

Available At:

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  • Old School Rituals’ Exquisite Valentine’s Day Starter Box

Embrace the essence of Valentine’s Day with a perfect blend of love and elegance in our carefully designed Starter Box. This wonderful gift guarantees an outstanding self-care experience for your loved ones. Old School Rituals’ range includes masterfully produced items such as the Hand-Worked Red Sandalwood and Saffron Cleansing Nectar, which provide a refreshing skin pleasure. Feel the pleasant touch of the Arrack of Mango and Lemon Sugar Exfoliating Jelly as it gently invigorates your skin. Pamper your lips with Beets and Sweet Orange Concoction Lip Butter, which provides a rush of natural goodness. Enhance your hair care routine with the Handpicked 63-Herb Hair Elixir, a painstakingly designed blend that will leave your locks beautiful. Each product exemplifies Old School Rituals’ craftsmanship, providing a pleasurable experience for your skin and senses while using only the best ingredients.

Price: RS. 4410
Where to buy:

Love Letters in Luxury Gift HER a Valentine's Day She'll Never Forget

  • Sameer Madan’s collection

This Valentine’s Day, go beyond trends with Sameer Madan’s collection, which is inspired by timeless beauties and their love of pearls. Join us for an extraordinary romance and sophistication affair, where strong self-expression meets enticing flair. Dazzle your significant other or give a beautiful gift that will speak volumes – this collection guarantees to be the ultimate statement of love and unrivaled beauty. Discover elegance, empowerment, and authenticity redefined, with each painstakingly made piece inspiring confidence and celebrating the individual diva within. Allow Sameer Madan to be your love letter this Valentine’s Day.


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  • Asaya

This Valentine’s Day, go beyond receiving and spread love with Asaya’s Mon Cheri and Mon Amour gift boxes, which are designed specifically for melanin-rich skin. Starting at INR 999, these boxes include indulgent self-care basics such as moisture-boosting Running Deep body cream and nourishing Lush hand creams in six flavors. Embrace your inner glow and safeguard your love from the sun with the Under One Sun sunscreen mist, which has the highest SPF rating among Indian sprays for maximum protection. This Valentine’s Day, share your love and confidence with Asaya.

instagram handle-

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  • CHARLES & KEITH’s Valentine’s collection

Celebrate modern romance with CHARLES & KEITH’s Valentine’s collection! From Parisian elegance to whimsical glam, create your date night style with our selected outfit ideas and heart-motif accessories. Wear a tweed twinset with Mary Janes for a traditional look, or go daring with a short dress and standout sandals. Cozy nights in call for chunky sneakers or over-the-knee socks teamed with our heart-themed accessories. Discover the capsule collection in distinctive pink, black, and chalk, which includes quilted textures and fashionable boxy forms. Find your ideal partner for a Valentine’s Day full of love and style!

Available at:  retail stores and CHARLESKEITH.COM

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  • La Folie

La Folie’s “Love is Love” collection goes beyond relationship labels, recognizing love’s many forms via Chef Sanjana Patel’s passionate creations. Ripples of Love Cake, a symphony of flavors, offers an amazing experience. Express love with the thoughtful You’re My Valentine Hamper or the Box of Valentine Bonbons, which includes Cupid’s Love and Deep in Love. Share delight with Better Together Chocolate Boxes, since love knows no bounds, and La Folie celebrates everything.

Available at La Folie

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  • Richa Ahluwalia

Richa Ahluwalia’s stunning Valentine’s Day edit will take you on a journey to rediscover the timeless beauty of romance from the past. A stunning collection of vibrant reds and delicate pinks, embellished with exquisite motifs on luxury fabrics, all inspired by India’s rich design history. The collection effortlessly blends old-world charm with a modern flair, making it an excellent ensemble for rekindling love affairs from the past while infusing a pleasant touch of nostalgia into your contemporary celebration of love. So, on Valentine’s Day, make a bold statement with Richa Ahluwalia Couture—because love deserves to be celebrated in perfect style.

Available on:

Img 1

  • Läderach Valentine Gift Box

This Valentine’s Day, treat your loved ones to a lavish expression of love: a box of excellent Läderach chocolates from DS Group. Our elegantly created boxes contain a stunning range of gourmet delights, brimming with rich fragrances, a glossy appearance, and delightful flavors that will put a brilliant grin on their cheeks. Choose from our Läderach Valentine Gift Box, which includes 24 pralines and truffles, or embrace the many manifestations of love with our beautifully made heart-shaped box, which has a selection of tempting delights from our magnificent collection. Läderach chocolates provide the ideal gift for friends, family, and, most importantly, the beloved love in your life.

Price: ₹ 6,150
Available at: Laderach website (Valentine Gift Box of Assorted 24Pcs Pralines & Truffles
Laderach India)


  • Archies

Valentine’s Day is all about love, and you can make it even more romantic this year! If you’ve been aching for connection, now is the time to express it. Treat your spouse to a genuine gesture with Archies’ “Happy Valentine’s Day Card Set,” which is designed to make them feel valued and treasured. This considerate gift box includes 270g of Delish & Co. Bites mini chocolate bars and a lovely greeting card with romantic graphics and phrases. The rich chocolates combined with a heartfelt message make for a beautiful gift that represents love and affection, making it the ideal way to communicate your thoughts and make their Valentine’s Day genuinely memorable.

Buy at and stores.
Price: ₹659

Love Letters in Luxury Gift HER a Valentine's Day She'll Never Forget

  • Golden Hues Gifting

Escape the digital noise and rediscover the allure of handwritten notes with Golden Hues Gifting’s latest designs. Inspired by Indian art, nature, and wanderlust, these five stunning prints decorate notecards, gift tags, and notebooks, making them ideal for gifting or personal use. Personalize them for an added touch, and enjoy the satisfaction of checking off things on paper rather than screens. Shop their Valentine’s Day collection to discover the perfect match! Petal and Plume, a rendition of Pantone’s colour of the year, ‘peach fuzz’, is inspired by vibrant Indian and contemporary patterns and exudes refinement, opulence, and adaptability. All of Golden Hues Gifting’s designs can be customized with your or your recipient’s information, making the gift even more memorable and valuable. Golden Hues Gifting ships all throughout India within 7-14 days, depending on the type of order (personalised or non-personalised).

Phone: +917021300988


Instagram: @goldenhuesgifting

Petal & Plume

  • Kraus Jeans, Love in Pink

Valentine’s Day is almost approaching, so it’s time to start thinking about the appropriate clothes for your romantic excursion. Dressing up in various shades of pink adds an extra touch of love to any occasion, whether it’s enjoying the day with your significant other, spending time with your friends and family, or treating yourself to self-love. Celebrate the spirit of love on Valentine’s Day with a specially curated collection of wardrobe options. Solid denim jacket. The special pink solid denim jacket will bring a splash of color to your Valentine’s Day look. Featuring a vivid blush pink tint and made of high-quality denim. The adaptable design allows you to mix it with a range of clothes, adding a touch of sophistication to your Valentine’s Day.

Available on:


  • Dr. Rashel’s Vitamin C Foot Mask

This Valentine’s Day, go above the ordinary and give the gift of self-care and pampering with Dr. Rashel’s Vitamin C Foot Mask. With this wonderful treat, your love can relieve stress and reveal beautiful, silky feet. It contains potent Vitamin C, which repairs sun damage, brightens skin tone, and deeply hydrates feet, leaving them feeling rejuvenated and renewed. Imagine stepping out of their home with joyful, healthy feet that exude confidence. This simple mask provides 15-20 minutes of sheer enjoyment, resulting in exfoliated, brighter, and rejuvenated feet. Show your spouse how much you care this Valentine’s Day by giving the gift of self-love with Dr. Rashel’s Vitamin C Foot Mask.

Price: INR 199

Available at:

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  • Mehar by Rhysley

Make her Valentine’s Day extra special by giving her the Red Power Shoulder Party Wear Mini Dress from Mehar by Rhysley. This dress is a daring and fashionable gift that will properly set the tone for a romantic evening. The brilliant red color embodies the essence of love, while the strong shoulders provide a touch of modern elegance. Make her feel extraordinary on this important day by giving her a gift that symbolizes her charm and beauty while also making her feel extremely confident.

Available at:
Price: Rs 2999

Love Letters in Luxury Gift HER a Valentine's Day She'll Never Forget (1)

  • Benetton

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate love with Benetton in brilliant colors! Their assortment includes fun sweaters with humorous inscriptions as well as comforting accessories in heart-warming colors. Go above and beyond with one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect your love’s own flair, and make February 14th a celebration of joy, color, and wonderful experiences together.

Regular Fit Spread Collar Solid Dress – INR 3999

Love Letters in Luxury Gift HER a Valentine's Day She'll Never Forget (1)

  • Leafy Affair’s floral jewelry

Instead of fading roses, consider a Valentine’s Day present that tells love stories long after the petals have fallen. Leafy Affair’s floral jewelry transforms rose and plum flowers into eternal jewels, capturing nature’s poetry in stunning designs. Each necklace or earring represents the essence of your attachment, a symbol of love that lasts beyond fleeting moments. This Valentine’s Day, give a story that will last forever. Rosalie Collection from Leafy Affair 

Shop at:
Take advantage of the Blooming Hearts Love Sale and receive a free gift on orders over Rs.1199/-. Hurry up and shop now!

Love Letters in Luxury Gift HER a Valentine's Day She'll Never Forget (2)

  • M.A.C Cosmetics

This Valentine’s Day, ignite the spark with M.A.C Cosmetics’ renowned allure. The new M·A·C Ximal Silky Matte Lipstick provides luscious color in both daring and romantic colors, perfect for bold lips. Give them a dazzling glow with the Studio Radiance Serum-Powered Foundation, ideal for a memorable night out. Or treat them to a curated LoveStruck Luck collection, which includes limited-edition lipsticks, blushes, and eye shadows in glittering Valentine’s colors. With M.A.C, you are giving them not only makeup, but also the confidence to tell their unique love story via every bright stroke.

M.A.C Cosmetics Locked Kiss Lipstick – INR 3050

Love Letters in Luxury Gift HER a Valentine's Day She'll Never Forget (3)

So, gentlemen, ditch the clichés and get inventive. With a little thinking and work, you may locate the ideal Valentine’s Day present that will make her feel valued and appreciated not only on February 14th, but throughout the year. Now, go forth and share the love!

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