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Lohri Pongal Feast Top Places to Visit During LohriPongal The Style World (2)

Throughout India, January explodes in a vivid tapestry of winter harvest festivals, with Lohri in the north and Pongal in the south coloring the landscape with joyful celebrations.

Lohri, the vibrant  Punjabi harvest festival, is more than just bonfires and dhol sounds, and the Pongal harvest festival in South India is more than just a lively celebration of gratitude and prosperity; it culminates in a soul-warming feast. Imagine a table filled with delights, each bite burst with the rich flavors of the season.

Here’s a list of places you must visit to celebrate the festival :-

1.Farzi’s Feast of Festivities:

Farzi, Goregaon’s famed high-value bar, is launching an exclusive menu full of inventive Punjabi feasts to kick off your Lohri celebrations. Dive into unusual beverages like Saffron Pistachio Lassi Pedhe de Naal, relish starters like Tandoori Chooza with BBQ Dip or Smokey Punjabi Chole Samosa, then go on a main course symphony with Sarso ka Saag Makki ki Roti and Chicken Makhan Wala. From refreshing soups to rich desserts like Kesar da Phirni, Farzi’s Lohri menu, which is available from January 13th to February 12th, promises a vivid culinary adventure and an amazing Lohri celebration.

Lohri Pongal Feast Top Places to Visit During LohriPongal The Style World (1)

2.Lohri and Pongal brunch at Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel:

Experience a colorful Winter Harvest adventure at Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel Gateway. Enjoy Pongal brunch favorites such as Kadala Parippu Sundal, Pongal and Gotsu Station, Sabudana Payasam, Sakkarai Pongal, Holiga, and much more at Feast. Enjoy an evening Lohri feast with Sarson ka saag, Makai di roti, Masaledar chole/bhature, Gur ki roti, and a variety of desserts including Murmura ladoo and Chiraunji makhane ki kheer. From creamy payasam to fragrant chikki, we celebrate tradition with elegance; reserve your table today and make this season special! Prices begin at INR 2,700. 13th January – Lohri Dinner; 14th January – Pongal Brunch.

Lohri Pongal Feast Top Places to Visit During LohriPongal The Style World (1)

3.The Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel

This festival go on a culinary journey  as The Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel cordially invites visitors to participate in a joyful and exquisite Pongal Brunch happening on 14th & 15th of January at Lush, its all-day dining restaurant. Discover a gastronomic haven designed for discerning millennials and families of all ages. Immerse yourself in an appealing ambiance woven with the rich cultural tapestry of Pongal, guaranteeing that every guest finds a home away from home and seizes the opportunity to participate in festivals and enjoy the exquisite delicacies of Pongal. This Brunch at Lush promises an amazing culinary experience carefully designed by Executive Chef G. SomaSundaram, with traditional delicacies like as Sakkhar Pongal, Kobhari Pala Payasam, Thengai Pongali, and more.

Pongal Brunch at Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel 3


4. Enjoy the bounties of our land at Hotel Royal Orchid this Sankranti

Celebrated across the country, the festival of harvest is a jubilant occasion for people to get together and revel in the bounties of our land

To mark the occasion, Hotel Royal Orchid Bangalore has organised a lunch that showcases dishes from across the southern states featuring favourites such as Sakkarai Pongal, Khara Pongal, Masala dal Vada, Aatukari kulambu, Meen kuzhambu, Thalappakatti Biryani to name just a few of the dishes

Enjoy the bounties of our land at Hotel Royal Orchid this Sankranti (2)

5. Embark on Pongal Celebration with Harvest-Themed Brunch at Courtyard by Marriott Bengaluru Hebbal

Celebrate the harvest season with an exquisite Pongal Brunch this Sunday at The Hebbal Cafe, the all-day multi-cuisine restaurant at Courtyard by Marriott Bengaluru Hebbal.This special occasion promises a culinary showcase of both traditional and innovative dishes.

Executive Chef Rajeev Kumar and his talented team have meticulously crafted a menu that reflects the spirit of Pongal festivities, featuring a delightful array of dishes. From classic Veg Pongal and Sweet Pongal to Tamarind Rice, Povicha Kuzambu, and a variety of mouthwatering desserts like Til Ke Laddo and Til Gud ka Laddu, the brunch is a journey through the rich flavors of the season. Indulge in the aromatic delights of Arachuvitta Sambar, Kadalai Paruppu Payasam, Unniyappam, Peanut Laddo, Whole Wheat Appam, and Pooran Poli.

Enhancing the overall experience, The Hebbal Cafe boasts a welcoming ambiance, where patrons can savor their culinary delights amidst the elegant tunes of a live band. To complement the festive mood, special themed mocktails for the day will be available, adding a refreshing touch to the celebration.

Gather your friends and family to partake in this culinary extravaganza, where delectable food meets premium hospitality, only at The Hebbal Café

Harvest Brunch CY Hebbal

So, whether you’re dancing around a Lohri bonfire or praying to the sun at Pongal, let these vibrant food feasts tantalise your taste buds and immerse you in the joyous atmosphere of India’s plentiful harvest. Each dish recounts a story passed down through generations, ensuring that traditional flavors endure long after the last meal.

By: Thushitha M

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