Lee Catches Attention by Launching its Flagship Store in Bangalore


Lee Catches Attention by Launching its Flagship Store in Bangalore

Lee is the store we should be visiting right now to have the real denim. Flagship store of Lee in the heart of Bangalore, Brigade Road. 

Won’t be wearing jeans until the real denim arrives” written boldly over the placards with people going out in their boxers on one of the busiest roads of Bangalore. Much to our wonder, we had seen a similar event happening at the Chinnaswamy Stadium of Bangalore and our curiosity kicked in! Lee, the American brand known for its quality denim jeans adopted a unique marketing strategy that literally caught everyone’s attention!

But for what?

The brand known for real denim has recently opened its first flagship store in the heart of the metro city. To gather the necessary attention and move a lot of eyeballs, the team of Lee came up with an interesting marketing campaign #TheRealDenim and announced the opening of their flagship store in Brigade Road. Lee’s marketing style was out of the box and so is their store.

The store’s visual merchandising is pleasing. Its interior is mainly white and wooden with lighting that highlights the blues of the denim. Colourful vibe is also set in with mustard, red, yellow and other vibrant tees. Amidst all the luxe, the denim brand has not forgotten to highlight the hour’s necessity- sustainability. They have kept plants inside the store which gives us hope about a greener future. Moreover, they also have a tagline board near the entrance saying “HOME OF THE REAL DENIM” #THEREALDENIM. 

The denim brand Lee also distributed coupons to the people in and around Brigade Road which had offers that could be claimed on that particular day along with giving them access to enter the store at the opening time. To showcase their gratitude to the people for reaching out to their store on the launch day, Lee also gave freebie t-shirts to every attendee and made them smile. 

The experience at the store of Lee is very welcoming and warm. The staff and fashion consultants are always on their toes to help out the customer and guide them with their knowledge of clothing and style.


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Words and Pictures By: Himani Bokaria





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