Kshemavana Introduces Blissful Detox Retreat


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Experience a blissful detox retreat at Kshemavana, a sanctuary dedicated to purifying your body and mind. Nestled amidst the tranquil beauty of nature, this retreat will be a  gateway to rejuvenate and overall well-being. The program is customized to detoxify and revitalize, Kshemavana offers to reset and achieve a newfound sense of vitality. Daily yoga and meditation sessions provide a foundation for inner peace and balance, while holistic therapies, organic meals, and invigorating nature walks foster both physical and mental health.

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Under expert guidance, explore the healing potential of naturopathy, unlocking your body’s innate ability to self-repair. Embrace this opportunity to cleanse, heal, and flourish, allowing the serenity of Kshemavana to guide you toward a healthier, more vibrant life.

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Immerse yourself in rejuvenation at the Blissful Detox Retreat hosted in the tranquil Kshemavana. Reconnect, heal and embark on a wellness journey.

Venue: Kshemavana, SDM Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences, Nelamangala, Kunigal Bypass Rd., near Sambrama Hotel, Mahadevapura, Karnataka 562127

Date: 19th October  to 22nd  October (4-day retreat Program))

Price: Ranges from 12,000/- to Rs.32,000/- inclusive of taxes.

For further details, contact: 7625043800 / 7625043843

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