Kadam: Asha Gautam’s latest project that breathes new life into timeless heirlooms.


Kadam Asha Gautam's latest project that breathes new life into timeless heirlooms (1)

In a world obsessed with quick fashion’s transitory trends, Asha Gautam, a legend in the area of handcrafted heirlooms, announces a revolutionary step: the Kadam Project. This is more than just a collection; it’s a thrilling dance between legacy and innovation, with whispers from the past weaving into future narratives.

  • A pioneering leap in sustainable fashion.

Asha Gautam, a legendary brand in the world of handcrafted heirloom clothes, has announced its latest venture, the Kadam Project. This innovative effort represents a transformative step toward reviving timeless, handwoven apparel, including sarees, wedding couture, and festival attire. The Kadam Project demonstrates Asha Gautam’s unwavering dedication to sustainability, consciousness of the environment, and circular design principles.

  • A legacy of exquisite craftsmanship.

With a 25-year career in the industry, Asha Gautam has amassed unrivaled knowledge in reinventing iconic pieces for discriminating customers. With the help of a talented team of craftspeople, the brand hopes to expand its reach by reinvigorating vintage fashion and advocating the concepts of recycling and upcycling.

  • Sustainable fashion at its finest.

“In a world increasingly concerned about climate change, Kadam stands as a beacon of responsible fashion,” says Gautam Gupta, Creative Director at Asha Gautam. “Our aim goes beyond slowing down garment production; it’s about thoughtfully reusing existing pieces for the future.”

Kadam Asha Gautam's latest project that breathes new life into timeless heirlooms (2)

  • Where Heritage Meets Innovation

Crafting handmade objects for the Kadam Project might take anything from two months to a year, demonstrating the passion and craftsmanship that goes into each piece. Asha Gautam advocates for the revival of traditional Indian textiles, emphasizing the importance of cherishing old treasures above constantly adding new ones.

  • Restoring Vintage Gemstones

The Kadam Project gives fresh life to old textiles that date back decades. Skilled artists delicately repair the lost brilliance of genuine silver or gold zari threads before smoothly incorporating them onto new bases. Motifs, borders, and pallus are skillfully applied to reflect the client’s vision.

Kadam Asha Gautam's latest project that breathes new life into timeless heirlooms (3)

  • Enhancing the Past with the Present.

Sophisticated needlework techniques improve these repurposed designs by combining motifs from the original sarees. Luxurious materials such as organza, tissue, and chiffon are introduced, changing the entire look.

  • Sustainable Practices Beyond the Garment

Asha Gautam’s dedication to Kadam sustainability goes beyond garment design. Leftover materials are repurposed as potlis and tassels, reducing waste. However, thorough inspection and, in some cases, reinforcing methods such as fabric fusing ensure the final product’s long-lasting quality.

  • A Definitive Chapter in Sustainable Fashion.

The Kadam Project is a watershed point in Asha Gautam’s career, establishing it as a pioneer in sustainable, handcrafted heirloom fashion. This program is about more than simply apparel; it’s about preserving legacy, celebrating workmanship, and adopting a more thoughtful approach to fashion.

Kadam Asha Gautam's latest project that breathes new life into timeless heirlooms (4)

Join Asha Gautam on her kadam journey to sustainable style. Let us recreate the story of fashion, one relic at a time.

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